Learn how Adobe runs its vast open-source application portfolio in Azure

Most people know Adobe. We’ve been around for 35 years and we have a long history of helping our customers create and deliver great digital experiences. We’re working to deliver solutions across our entire Adobe portfolio on Microsoft Azure. In some cases we’re building organic native applications for the cloud. In other areas we’re taking our solution that we’ve had and reworking that to deliver it into a cloud based model. When we bring these together as cloud solutions, our customers can take advantage of more regular updates a richer set of features and better collaboration across all of the Adobe products. Scalability from Adobe’s perspective is critical. As customer demand increases there is not enough time for us to go and order equipment, go put it into a data center, and then to make that available. We need to be able to rapidly scale up as well as scale down to meet our customer needs. Using public cloud frees us up to focus on where we add the most value. which is developing great software. Adobe utilizes multiple open source technologies on Azure. Some of those include Python, Ruby and Go. Adobe Experience Manager is written in Java and runs on Linux. We’ve been really pleased with both the performance that we see as well as the Microsoft knowledge and expertise in managing and supporting open source applications. Azure’s extensive support lets our developers write software in the language of their choice while still having access to a full set of Azure PaaS services. Like most big software companies we’re looking at how we can run our software applications more efficiently. Within Azure we use DC/OS, Kubernetes, and Docker to operate and deliver our software as efficiently as possible to our customers. At Adobe our core mission is to change the world through digital experiences. Azure helps us do that by enabling us to focus all our effort on developing great solutions for our customers.

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