Laptop Can’t Connect to WiFi Network While Other Devices Can (Solved)

Laptop Can’t Find The Desired WiFi Network
In The House While Other Devices Can Hey Guys Klaydpro here and today we are going to be talking about WiFi connection problems Since a lot of you guys have requested on instagram and facebook to make again videos on networks
The topic we are going to be covering today to be talking about WiFi connection problems Since a lot of you guys have is about laptops that can’t find the desired
wifi network while other devices can. In my case I would like to connect at my wifi
network named Philips-Tv, that I know that is on the range of my laptop . So to see the available wireless networks
click on the wireless network icon on the bottom right of your desktop, you can see
here the available list of wireless networks but as I mentioned earlier I cant find and
see the network that I simply assume is in range of my laptop. Before we get started I would like to mention that this method works with windows 7 , windows
8, windows 8.1, windows 10 and windows vista. To make sure that the wireless is in the range,
I am using my smartphone’s wifi to check if it will detect the wireless network that
I am looking for. (Smartphone)
In order to do this turn on the wifi on your smartphone and let it scan for available networks. So as you can see here the network is available
and it is connecting. That indicates me that the router is on, and
the problem is with my windows machine. (Me)
So lets jump into the laptop and proceed with our method to solve the issue , I will show
you step by step how to solve this issue. In order to troubleshoot the exact cause of
the issue, I would suggest you to try the following method and check if the issue persists. Note carefully ! I would suggest you to uninstall
but Not to delete the network adapter and reinstall it by just scanning for hardware
changes. If you accidentally delete it completely or
the problem persist then you might need to upgrade the driver, and the easiest way to
do it is to go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest driver for you network
adapter. (PC)
To Uninstall the Network Driver • Search for device manager on the start
menu. • Click on “Device Manager” from the
list. • Expand the Network adapters from the device
list, right click on the device driver and then select “Uninstall”. •
• •
You probably might need to reboot the windows, and After the restart, you may again open
the Device Manager. In case you don’t need to, you proceed and
click on the “Scan for hardware changes” button at the top of the Device Manager window
and check if Windows detects the network device and installs an appropriate driver for it
automatically. If that happens, then we check if it resolved
the issue. So lets open again the list of available networks
and see if it will detect it, and connect to the network. We can see that is connecting, and lets try
it out on the browser if there is internet access ! (Me)
• As you guys can see it works properly. That’s it for this tutorial , if you learn
one thing that’s new go down below and hit that thumbs up button, if you found this video
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If you would like to see the behind the scenes you can follow me on Instagram and facebook. I will leave the links down below. Until next time ! thank you for watching this
video !

100 thoughts on “Laptop Can’t Connect to WiFi Network While Other Devices Can (Solved)

  1. The title is incorrect. You are solving that a PC cannot find WiFi network while others can. The way it is called now misslead those whose laptop finds the network, but cannot connect to it while other devices can

  2. so I Am in a pub and trying to connect to the wifi… this guy suggests updating my driver? ummm… dude… I cant even connect… if I could connect to it for the download…. I wouldn't be here on my phone

  3. I can only connect through ethernet. None of the nearby wireless showing up on my screen. The wifi adapter and bluetooth adapter seems to be gone on the adapter settings. I tried updating the driver but still won't work. There's a yellow triangle on the wifi driver and bluetooth driver. I already entered to bios system to check if the wireless and it is still enabled. 😣 I also tried troubleshooting featured on the settings but seems cannot find or fix the problem.

  4. Plz my windows 10 HP can find my hotspot wifi from my smart phone and can connected very easy but I can't find wifi my friend next to me I don't know why and I can't find none wifi all my friend has shared they wifi with me but I can't find only hotspot wifi I can use only

  5. All I did was shut down laptop. Took the battery out for about 30 sec. Put it back. Turn it on again and automatically connected

  6. Hey,
    Thanks for this useful video. The problem with me is after following these steps my wifi starts showing up in this list BUT when I try to connect with it, windows again shows some error and wifi again disappears.
    This really is pissing me off. 😡😡

  7. For those who didn't work plz check other values it would surely work .Thx man so much you earned a sub

  8. Thanks 3000000 on this one! Fixed my laptop i had stashed away for 7years🙏🏾 after all tutorials and ‘fixes’ this is the real one for me

  9. Im really nervous for fixing my own laptop because I dont know about anything about computers but after watching your video It works Thank youuuu❤️

  10. Super thanks!!! You're the only one who were able to solve my problem for 3 years 😔😔😔😂😅❤️🙏🎉

  11. so when i check out the wifi list it shows there's no wifi networks avaliable. However, I can connect to ethernet but the network name is something like "Network" and "Network 2". Any fix?

  12. Thanks bro. I was worried about this problem from last one month, I tried this and it solved.
    Thanks once again. God bless you.

  13. I’m installing minecraft in my laptop then suddenly I realize that its not moving I check my ipad and it says it has connection but the fuck its not working in me

  14. I thumbs up the video b/c I think it was good, but this didn't help me. I can't find any wifi networks. Hopefully, you can make a video for my problem.

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