55 thoughts on “Lady Gaga – LoveGame (Official Music Video)

  1. I love this song eving tho I'm only 11 but I've lisened to this more than 10 times in one day!!!love you.馃挊 lady gaga.馃挊

  2. I remember being in 5th grade sitting at lunch, and I was discussing the true "dirty" meaning behind these lyrics to my friends singing it 馃槀

  3. Omg disco girl and then OMG DISCO STICK 馃槺馃槺

    My sister singing this
    Me 鈥渨hat?鈥
    No wonder why my sister was pregnant at 14 馃槓馃槓馃槓 and right now she has 3 children but for adoption…. my sister is the worst mom ever!

    My parents kick her out because she was way to dirty minded….

  4. My mom went to Lady Gaga鈥檚 concert and she performed this song told my mom the story behind this song and she was PISSED!

  5. You know what鈥檚 crazy I heard she was gay but this is nothing like she is an less she wrote this before she turned gay 馃ぃ馃ぃ馃拃馃拃

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