100 thoughts on “Judge Jeanine: Democrats have just guaranteed Trump’s reelection

  1. It should be an impeachable offense, to use taxpayer dollars, to unlawfully attempt to sham impeach, a politician guilty of no crime. Those guilty of this charade should personally have to pay the bill, or have their salary docked/ suspended to cover the costs.

  2. I didn't vote for Trump because of anything he said or did. I voted for Trump because the Democrats asked me to. And I want to thank the Democrats for campaigning for the 2020 Trump election landslide. May God bless America and the 1st amendment..

  3. WHERE IS THE DOOR MARKED EXIT?! NANCY IS OFF THE RAILS AS A LEADER AND CATHOLIC. I AM A CATHOLIC TOO BUT NOT A FAN OF NANCY AND COMPANY. The whole mess is the DEMOCRATIC WRECKING CREW and when its all over not 1 democrat will escape their reputation being tarnished by the lies they try to FORCE ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE….Punch their ticket and send them back where they came from. Justice will prevail it says that in the constitution if you read it Nancy…….The democratic meltdown will be a sight to see!

  4. Who cares about where their parents came from?? That has nothing to do with telling the truth or the truth itself. I like the statement that the 'witnesses that auditioned well graduated from the Starr chamber" to present themselves in the public sessions.  Why is America allowing itself to be hoaxed?! Pelosi's eyes do not speak truth to the words she is saying.

  5. This is great. 👍

    They are stupid..

    Hillary admitted in an interview with Trevor Noah or is her leading the dems… It will ALL lead back to her.
    #(ck) common knowledge

  6. Asking the people about their history is fluff. You need lots of fluff when there is no substance. Tell em judge, you are the bomb. Why don’t you run for office?

  7. Every single politician tht entered office a regular person then became a millionaire SHOULD BE INVESTIGATED!!!! ts funny how they had no money until office & all,of a sudden are filthy rich!!!!

  8. What an inane woman. Everyone hates Trump. You are definitely stupid if you don’t know why Trump is being impeached. Yes, a crime did occur.

  9. Propaganda 5:45…. If Russia really wanted to attack Ukraine they would. And they could wipe them out in a second. Russia is a non aggressive Nation.

  10. Hey little miss Catholic Pelosi, ever hear of the commandment "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor"? You are a complete hypocrite.

  11. She has done nothing for the people.she steals her salary. It is called profit, stealing. Old clay face, will forever remembered for her actions, against the American people.


  13. If they made up chit and for 3 years not have done a thing for the country. They should look at treason. Be fired and never be able to run again if not in jail.

  14. Trump did not read the Muller Report. Lewandowski admits that he did not read the Muller Report. Did you read the Muller Report? I know Trump cannot read and this is common knowledge. I would have thought any intelligent person, especially those involved with the Trump presidency, would have read and studied it. Much of your evidence is contained in its pages. His four bankruptcies are a matter of public record, and he brags about it. There is no regret seen or spoken about in regard for the lives of those he cheated of their wages and pay that he owed them. People don’t become bankrupt and leave a trail of smiling faces behind. They leave devastation. His adultery, self admitted sexual assault on women, multiple marriages demonstrate his misogyny and total inability to commit to his wife in an honest, trustworthy, respectful, mature manner. This absence of character is clear in every aspect of his public presentations and present in each one. This pathetic man, who demands “loyalty”, is incapable of reciprocating loyalty to others. Everything he does is about him. The typical narcissist. Even when hundreds die in hurricanes he references himself. When the twin towers went down, he recognised that his tower was now the tallest building in New York. This thinking is that of a sociopath, and that is what he is. Do you need more? Separating children and parents on the border is just cruel and satanic. It shows Trump to have no relationship with humanity. His wife wearing a coat stating her lack of caring demonstrated the “family morality”, that of The First Family of America. How proud that must make Americans feel. Patriotic? Trump University was a fraud. The Trump foundation was a fraud set up for himself. The Bahamas sink in the wrath of cyclone “Dorian” while Trump plays golf. This is the man Americans (less than half) voted for. So now that it is clear that you did not read the Report, I can tell you what it showed. The 2016 elections were debased by a tsunami-like cyber invasion from the Russians and Trump was fully aware of it. Trump persistently and repeatedly, in a totally corrupt and illegal manner, endeavoured to prevent or disrupt any investigation into the Russian involvement in the elections or into Muller’s assessment of Trump’s criminality and corruption throughout the election campaign and his first year in office. Yes! Trump should be in jail. That is what the Report showed. No wonder Trump wouldn’t read it. Lewandoski says he didn’t go to Harvard Law School. However he did go to University and can read. You don’t need a Harvard degree to read the Muller Report. Lewandowski has lied about this. His answers to the Federal Prosecutor were an embarrassment and transparent. Either that or he is just dumb. Of course, the White House continues to obstruct the investigation into Trump criminality and corruption by preventing witnesses answering questions. It is called Witness Tampering. Trump is guilty again.
    You have to ask, “why did Americans vote for this bullying, lying, narcissistic clown in the first place?” This was all there to see in 2016. Trump didn’t hide anything. He lied and people believed him, but the bullying, narcissism,racism and misogyny were front and centre too. Everyone could see it! How amazingly dumb were these people who voted for him. Trump hasn’t changed. He is still the vacuous pig he has always been. Now he is guilty of bribery. It is there for all to see. If Americans are not embarrassed now, why not? Why are they not asking for forgiveness? The whole world laughs at Trump because he is an uneducated clown.

  15. Though shall not lie Ms self righteous Pelosi . The standard for Christianity is the bible ( not the Pope)and or the one it represents Christ/ God Himself ( who gave a special warning to those who would abuse or harm children in Matthew 18:6 )who would never support abortion period the end

  16. Thank you for allowing these comments. To be clear, I do not live in North America. I live in a country that has been under communist/Marxist-socialist ideological control for the past fourteen years. I have seen firsthand how an extreme fascist government comes to power and operates. Regarding my comments on YouTube videos, I do not converse with any of my countrymen nor any of my family concerning the political events in the U.S.A. And, even though your government significantly influences events in my country, as it does in virtually all countries, practically no one here cares much about the impeachment undertakings involving President Trump and the complaints against his staff and faithful, if obsequious, Republican partisans. All of my information on the situation there comes from the Internet, including YouTube videos and only three Online Newspapers: ProPublica, Snopes and Associated Press. I have no endorsement for any political party – neither Republicans, Democrats or any of the other 59 registered political parties in the United States.

    I have taken an outsider´s interest in your politics because I am concerned that the “I AM RACE” (a spiritual anagram for AMERICA) is faltering in its role as the greatest expression of political and social freedom on earth. That responsibility began with the The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America and the subsequent Constitution of the United States. Those original documents, and some of the amendments to the latter, in my opinion, represent the most humanitarian and unbiased social decrees yet to appear in the annals of human history. “WE THE PEOPLE” has to be the most powerful introduction yet written to any statement concerning the laws of earth´s governments. That said, I am adamantly opposed to extreme fascism, while indeed recognizing that any country with laws, is in some form fascist. Fascism, as I define it, is a system of administrative control over a country´s subjects expressed in degrees from nominal to extreme. I do not relate it to a “type” of government.

    Some governmental policies and laws are socially beneficial and humanitarian while others are not. I am in support of some of the ideology inherent in communism, for example, yet contra to communist fascism, which I see as the enemy of cultural expression, spiritual evolution and individual freedom and thinking. I am in support of some of the ideology behind capitalism, yet contra to unfair market strategies, false advertising and corrupt business practices and exploitations that lead to the harm or suffering of any people. I am especially concerned that currently, all of humanity is controlled by only 0.2 percent of the populace, otherwise known as politicians.

    In my country, we elected a president who advertised for coalition and unification among the many ethnic groups and myriad social interests in the nation. He wanted to make the country great and free from corrupt politicians. In short time, he nationalized all of our natural resources, expunged foreign businesses and imposed unheard of tariffs and taxes on intrusive commodities. Statistically, the economic status of the country grew as did the minimum wage and employee benefits. But people were out of jobs because businesses could not afford to hire them. Rich politicians and their consociates got richer. The poor stayed poor. And, the Middle Class began disappearing, mostly merging with the poor. Does any of this sound familiar?

    The president and vice-president surrounded themselves exclusively with supporters of their own communist/socialist political party. They replaced the supreme justices in the country with like-minded implants of their own who invariably ruled in the party´s favor regarding any controversial legal matters. They claimed that false journalism was dividing the country. That led to creating policies against any reporting that criticized their office or politics. They closed certain radio and television stations that broadcast opposing political ideas or exposed corruption and malfeasance among their party members. Journalists began disappearing; some were imprisoned and some just disappeared. Even cartoonists were jailed for drawing humorous depictions of political leaders. They prohibited certain books from being printed and promoted their own publications that justified their fascist control and their hatred of foreign imperialism and traitorous citizens. Fueled with fanatical nationalism and even racism, they called for the extermination of anti-government protesters and generally announced that those opposed to their regime should leave the country. The president met personally with Vladimir Putin and made secret plans relating to the exploitation of our natural resources and the establishment of Russian business ventures in the country. Does any of this sound familiar?

    Early in his presidency, our elected leader hinted that becoming a dictator might be the necessary course to follow in making the country great. Then, following two terms of office, the legal limit, as it is in the U.S.A., the party held a special, unconventional referendum asking the general public if it wished to reinstate the president for an additional term of control. The greater majority of people voted against the proposition. Nevertheless, the president convinced his Supreme Court to overturn the wishes of “We the People” and the president stayed in office for a third term with the idea of remaining indefinitely. At that point he became the dictator he had hinted at becoming. Through deception and blatant lies, the president and his henchman vice-president, maintained national and international support by falsely promoting concerns and policies for environmental and human rights. Does any of this sound familiar? There is not room to describe the dozens of other similarities your government and mine have shared since the inauguration of President Trump.

    We held new elections following his illegitimate term and again defeated the dictator president and his party by popular vote. But they again rejected the will of “We the People” and remained in office. That was too much to accept without seditious protests. Serious and deadly consequences transpired. Currently, my country stands in the throes of incipient civil war. The president and vice-president escaped the country, seeking asylum with a known corrupt government but not before cleaning out one of the countries’ biggest banks and leaving huge caches of Russian weapons for use by their faithful supporters. The two threaten to return to the country and regain power, which, if attempted, will certainly result in an indescribable blood bath.

    There are two main differences between your government and mine: One is, that your country claims to be democratically capitalist and mine claims to be democratically socialist. Yet, despite the semantics, they are both heavily influenced by Russian-inspired communist fascism, which is oriented toward complete control of their citizens through one-sided propaganda campaigns, restricting “The People´s” self-evident freedoms, aggressively subjugating the populace through powerful laws and silencing any opposing human expressions. The second main difference is, that in my country the presidency was controlled by an executive who followed his own prejudicial political predilection; whereas, in your country, the executive is a temperamental, eminently influential individual with obvious high narcissism disorder, which, from my point of view, is much more dangerous for you and for the planet.

    Thank you again. Please forgive the extreme length of these comments.

  17. Normally, I'm much more eloquent than this, but… Yahooooo! I've always like "The Judge", but this is over the top great!

  18. No charges! No crime.? Maybe the Communists in both parties are testing the waters? They want to see how many sheep will buy their lies?

  19. Is this a coup for Nancy to become President? Isn't overthrowing a President illegal? why Ian she considered a traitor?

  20. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi loves the 37.5 million babies that have been slaughtered by DEMOCRAT support for abortion since she has been in congress. Liar!!!

  21. It's time for We The People to hold an inquiry, with Judge Jeanine at the helm. Democrats are domestic enemy #1. Heads need to roll!

  22. Trumpanzees believe everything fox news and that crook of a President that we have say. Trump loves putin and does not care for America or Americans.

  23. Fearless judge . The demonrats will go head down.This is big schemes from them.
    Thank you my truthful judge.❤❤👌

  24. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to comprehend that this acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, William Taylor, is a deep state conspirator and is making up his own delusional opinion as he stutters through his sentence of lies, but it's ok for the far left traitors to lie, I hope he'll soon have the title of "ex acting U.S. ambassador to Ukraine" and is unemployed.

  25. Judge,
    Love the “Mr Pinocchio 🤥 ; “0%” Swalwell nicknames: Dems are putting on a real circus 🎪 show for the world to see. Simply ridiculous.
    With all the important pending issues on the table, ppl in other countries are scratching their heads, shocked on how simple-minded and naive this impeachment narrative is ….and all over a dumb phone call!
    They jump and accuse the Prez of involving Ukraine in 2020 elections, that he’s looking into corrupt of Bidens, that he behaves like a king, that he does things for himself only…🙀🙀🙀 Since before he was elected, they’ve had delusional disorders with intense and irrational mistrust/suspicion, pure
    paranoia Congress incapable of passing laws because they are not well…sick from “Fear of Trump” syndrome!
    As a Catholic, I need to spare a word for Mother Prioress Pelosi of Congress, who ratified to Media she does not hate but prays for Trump. Typical of those who think Godly prayers wash away sins and a minute later in absence of ammunition, insult and throw stones that would force a serpent of steel to retreat: hypocritically stabbing Trump in the back. Shameful behaviors and hiding behind her proclaimed Catholicism.
    May God Bless Trump and his family for all he’s had to put up with!
    KAG 2020 !

  26. Judge Jeanine should make out a case the DEMS have not earned their government salary for many weeks and all pay cut off until they get back to serving the American public.

  27. As a trained Scientologist I find these huuuuman antics amusing and oh so textbook. One of the more fascinating Human characteristics is their response when someone makes an accusation that is TRUE, BUT they aren't sure if the accuser knows that or NOT. They do EXACTLY like Pelosky- turn, snarl, attack, and profusely proclaim their innocence. The innocent tend to either laugh it off, calmly declare it untrue, or even angrily declare it false. Only the guilty go into long winded implausible explanations of "why it can't be true". I'm a Catholic so we don't do that!!!

    J J may not know the mental mechanism behind the response- but she sure know BS when she sees it.

  28. Don’t Catholics abhor abortion? Yet Pelosi advocates for, and aggressively defends abortion. Someone’s lying here. And I’m pretty sure it’s not the Catholics.

  29. Wow, that monologue is awesome. I think I just got turned on. Well not exactly turn on but I'm pretty fired up to volunteer for President Trump re-election campaign.

  30. NP is a liter and evil. She does not know how to tell the truth. I’m a sinner but I know I love the Lord and President Trump. I also believe NP and her Dems can not say this with truth in their hearts. They are pure evil and follow satan. Just my opinion. Vote them all out of office in 2020. Vote for 2 year limits for all.

  31. The real Christian deplorables will return to polls in 2020 to reelect Trump and end the evil do nothing Democratic stronghold on our nation's capital. Good luck with your reterec. Nancy,, I hope you, Schiff, Nadler, Waters Green, the squad all fall victim to your plot. It's amazing that a non politician comes to Washington, and gets done what he's done fighting politicians the whole time. No telling where this country could be if you had done what you were elected to do. Career politicians couldn't do it – send them packing, but don't worry the economy is booming and plenty of jobs are available if you could find anyone to employ you. I pray for you three time a day with sincerity that GOD ends your tyanny.

  32. Stop being silly Jeanine.
    House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler said Trump has shown “a pattern” of seeking foreign interference in U.S. elections.

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