Join Your New Community for Techies – Computer Clan Channel Trailer 2019

– Hey can I ask you something? Have you ever been like
so obscenely enthusiastic about a topic but you
have absolutely no one to talk to about it. It kind of sucks right? You’re probably stuck in one of two ways. One, you’re curious about a topic but you have nowhere to
fulfill that curiosity or two, you’re enthusiastic about a topic but you have no one to
share that enthusiasm with. I just want to let you know I know exactly how you feel because its happened to me many times and that’s why I created
the Computer Clan. The Computer Clan in a
community for techies. And for people curious about tech. We’re a group of like-minded people and so much of what we
do is shaped by our fans. Our awesome fans. And now you, you can be apart of this too and you can join the community. But first I want to show you
a little bit of what we do. (upbeat music) YouTube lets me reach out to you and to people like you. People who are enthusiastic
or curious about technology and the fun thing is its a two way street. I’ll create entertaining and
educational videos for viewers but then I’ll be entertained
and educated by their comments and their engagement in the community. Yes I do take time to read the comments and I also make an effort
to reply to many of them. I learn from them and I use
them to shape future videos too. And I want you to be apart of that. Watch the other video we make. Learn something new. Have some fun and come along on the ride with us. Thank you so much for stopping by and I’ll see you in the
not-too-distant future.

44 thoughts on “Join Your New Community for Techies – Computer Clan Channel Trailer 2019

  1. Man, it's kinda crazy to see how far this channel has come! The first video I watched was "Crashing Windows" and I'm sure glad I stayed! It's kinda bull to see that you only have 100k subs, you deserve way more!

  2. Why this channel does not have at least 500k subs is beyond me.. but hey.. who knows what time will bring.. keep up the good work!

  3. My poor mother has to listen to me talk about vintage computers and the latest iPhones and stuff and she doesn’t understand a single bit about it so I’m happy YouTube is a thing

    Thank You Computer Clan.

  4. You guys should make a Discord server or subreddit so it can feel more like a community where we can interact with others, it would be cool

  5. A very nice intro that says "Welcome to the family" I've been watching you since 2009 and you can see that your channel has developed a lot – And I like it that my favorite Technological Youtuber is trying to please viewers with materials – Your Movies relax me but sometimes they laugh – I wish you further big successes – Your viewer since 2009

  6. when i began watching your videos i became interested on mac´s, but as many of us can´t afford a mac i went to the hackintosh route. And man does it feel that good to use mac os. Everything looks and works beautifully, and still use a hackintosh up to this date for video editing with FCPX (I used to use Camtasia studio and it was terrible). Only thing that sucks when using Mac OS is the lack of software that there is for it

  7. I feel like their should be like a computer clan forum, similar to the LTT forum. Wher e poeple can chat not just with the people running the show, but with others in the community.

  8. This really shows that Ken might be the best editor that we have ever seen. Happy 12-year anniversary for the channel! Keep up the great content, Ken! And thank you for making our Thursdays better. 😀

  9. Still waiting for but since it takes so much time it will be the best Spoof OS product ever. Good luck MikeRo / Ken / Krazy Ken

  10. Thanks for inspiring my entire life dedication. All the vintage tech I have wouldn’t have been possible without you and several other tech enthusiast youtubers!

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