Joe Boucher of IBM on SUSE and Open Source Future

Hi my name is Joe voucher, I work as a
sales support for software services. Ao we we partner with SUSE to combine
support services different levels of support along with the subscription. So
by combining it we’re able to give our customers one number to call for their
support one through three and we provide up to level three support for those for
the products. Well obviously moving to the cloud a lot
of customers started to make that move they’re a little tentative right now it
seems to me, but but but we see the move started to increase a lot more a lot
more information a lot more questions about it,
kubernetes, containers. How do we get a private cloud? How do we, should be on
shouldn’t we be on a public cloud? So the the interest is growing exponentially.
Open source is it’s it’s the way of the future it’s good it’s it’s just it’s
just gonna happen so if you don’t get on that train you’re gonna miss it. It’s
just it just gives the customer so many different options as to how how they can
manage their business and keep it going for the just optimize their systems,
optimize the the information that they’re they’re able to handle, and
manages oh thanks it’s you have to have to get on it.
Well SUSE has been probably around longer than any of the open source
communities right now in 1993 IBM started a partner with them so between
the combination of IBM skills and the product that SUSE, we can we can
provide a combination that’s that’s unbeatable in the in the industry. A lot
of the customers coming around again it’s it’s the open source that that
people are moving to they know they got to get there. So the so a lot of
information has been handed out about you know best way to get there how
do how to get the how to get the ball rolling. I’d like to add that working
with SUSE combining IBM with SUSE has just been a very beneficial for our
customers, they keep coming back from renewals so SUSE continues to expand
with the open source environment too, so we grow with the customer as a customer
grows regarding of the industry I work with the financial sector but across all
sectors and across all industries, SUSE has a solution and iBM has the power
behind us to work with them. SUSE’s music videos if you haven’t seen them
get a copies now run out to the store ask for them they’re fantastic they’re
professional-grade, the I thought when I was looking at him I was wondering wow
who is this band I’ve never seen them before I want to see this this band in
concert, great stuff.

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