Introducing reCAPTCHA v3

If you have a website, you need to protect your users from bots. Bots are trying leaked passwords, posting
spam and scraping your content. The reCAPTCHA, “I’m not a robot” checkbox,
changed the way to protect your websites. But it’s one-time verification doesn’t fit every use case. reCAPTCHA v3 does away with the need for interactive tests and gives you a score to let you know when you have risky traffic. It never interrupts users so you’re in control of when to run risk analysis and what do to with the results. For instance, requiring email verification for risky logins, sending a spammy post to moderation or filtering fake friend requests. Let’s look at how reCAPTCHA v3 works. This is my online store. I’ve recently noticed a lot more traffic that wasn’t turning into conversions. I was concerned that they might not be real customers, but I didn’t know where they were on my site or what they were trying to do. To tackle this problem, I decided to add reCAPTCHA v3 to each major part of my site. Such as when users sign in, checkout, and write product reviews. For each page, I added the reCAPTCHA script tag and code snippet. Doing this gave me visibility into what the bots were doing on my site. I went to the reCAPTCHA admin console to look at the scores. It seems that these bots were posting lots of reviews. To stop the bots, I needed to verify the reCAPTCHA score on my server. Here was a bot posting a review for a competitors cat food. Because this review received a lot reCAPTCHA score, I marked it as risky and added it to a verification queue. Now the bots have been turned away, and my customers can trust the reviews that they see. So, how does this work? reCAPTCHA’s adaptive risk analysis engine takes in various signals about the interaction, and predicts the likelihood that the request was generated by a bot. It works best with context about how humans and bots interact with your website, so for best performance include reCAPTCHA in many places. With reCAPTCHA v3, you can keep your site safe without any user friction and get more control to stop attacks in your own way. So everyone stays happy… …except bots.

100 thoughts on “Introducing reCAPTCHA v3

  1. FINALY !!! I was sick about those Captcha images, never working, losing 5mins of work time just to pass it. Sometimes i ask myself if i'm not human, when i see that i must do the same job over and over (find the bus, find the car, find signal, find stairs, etc..). I think v2 was a disease of the internet, now i'm glad that google is moving on. I just hope that i'll never see again in my life those V2 boxes in any websites. Thank you for the work google

  2. I'm stuck at reCAPTCHA trying to create an account for a forum. I visit the site often, and just decided I wanted to interact with it rather than just read it.

    However, from this video, it sounds like I've been deemed to be a robot because none of the changes to various Settings or Preferences is making a difference.

    The tickbox is appearing, and then disappearing. Sometimes I press it straight away, and it projects a blank oblong where I would expect to have to identify photo's of cars or street-signs, however, it is blank and uninteractive.

    I'm annoyed, and wondering if this new reCAPTCHA could be abused as a way to create a class-system in which human beings who do not generate enough revenue are excluded, while other agents (human or otherwise compliant) are permitted if they serve a certain agenda.

    Please provide an explanation and a solution.

    Thank you.

  3. It working greatly. reCAPTCHA v3 adopted the new way to stop bots – the newest API helps you detect abusive traffic. #freelancewebsitesdesigner

  4. Wow!!! Now this is what I was waiting for! But what about site speed if I put it on each and every pages of my site?

  5. I understand the intent behind this but I still feel adding it at many places could create bad customer experience. There are different ways to tackle specific problems. For an example login – If you belive that bot is logging in, then I would make tweaks to the page and will make it may be otp based login.

  6. Man, animations on these google videos are so fluid, sometimes to the point of being oddly satisfying. And I'm guessing they're not nearly as easy as it looks.

  7. "Without friction"!

    Try developing a site for someone and telling them that the reCAPTCHA privacy/terms overlay box will now be on every page, and not just included on forms where it is required.

    It's implemented using an iframe with XSS disabled. I know why this is, but with no options to change the size or position of the element via the API, it's incredibly invasive and forceful.

    Obviously we can hide this element, but then we're breaking the terms of service. Why can't we have some control over how the privacy and terms notice are delivered – after all, they are our websites.

  8. I'm a bit worried. It's one thing to stop bots from spamming reviews, for example, but another to mark certain reviews as 'risky'. It might encourage the owner of a site to remove a review that was legitimate, but poorly worded and thus a risk.

    I think the investment should've continued on the path of prevention, rather than suggestion, but I will keep an open mind. Let's see how senior developers react to this new tool.

    I will praise the animation without reservation though. Great work there!

  9. So if you use Anti-Tracking features and AdBlock with the old ReCaptcha you were marked as a bot most of the time and had to solve the captchas. I was fine with this, since it's no big deal and everything works. But now that this is running in the background I might be shadowbanned from the websites because I am marked as a bot and the stuff I post therefore just gets blocked? The old ReCaptcha was not really annoying to use so there is no need to automate that last bit that just causes false positives

  10. So your solution is to use a JavaScript snippet for bots? Nobody else see the problem with this? Considering that users are able to use a good deal of websites while blocking JS ( without all the bells and whistles, of course ), why assume that the bot isn't using a headless browser without a JS parser? It would've been better if it was developed for backend, maybe Node.JS, or maybe a fast-cgi software. Not to mention, you know, all this extra JS is going to break much more websites, that don't feel like having their information being a currency.

  11. Is Google filtering the comment section or what? Replies to other comments are missing, and the number of comments is strangely low compared to the number of views.

  12. I like the concept, but you all REALLY should improve the mobile display of the privacy. On mobile, a checkbox that the user has to press once is a TON less obtrusive than a big freakin logo in the bottom right corner of the screen (prime screen real estate, no less) ALL THE TIME that users can't dismiss. For this reason, I will be using reCAPTCHA v2 until the mobile design of this is significantly improved.

  13. Nice to see myself still getting frustrated about logging in despite doing the captcha correctly and with the added bonus that I can get banned and when I email a company on why I got banned they reply with an automated message that I was a bot. When in reality I just made a bad review. Fix your captcha before you add anything new to the service.

  14. With GDPR and cookie notices I guess they figured the whole screen should be filled with badges and pop unders. I mean it’s just your website so it’s fine if Google clutters it up with garbage to distract users.

  15. How about using a lot of people in the world to test and train some DNN?

    This kind of thing could be used to classify image, voice recognition and so on.

    The participation of everyone could enrich the study of AI.

  16. When I see reCAPTCHA on any site and it asks me to do a puzzle, I usually close the tab because it is not worth doing 4-8 mins of clicking images of street lights, cars, and buses because it is free labor to train their car AI.

  17. in
     use recaptcha version 1 , and i cant upload new phone details …

    Could you communicate with its web masters to fix it ?

  18. I recommend not to use this service. Captcha is constantly causing problems among users. Checking audio for a few months not working. The letters in support are not responding. If you do not want to imagine problems and their users, better not use it. If you don't believe me, make a request to a search engine and see how many problems people have because of this service. Especially people suffer with vision problems that often do not pass the test can then be blocked, because Google considers them to be robots.

  19. The image recaptchas take me 5 or more tries, which shouldn't be like that. I know what a bus, car, bicycle, traffic light, crosswalk is. I am not a robot. I get this on entering for campaigns.

  20. Can the captcha information learned be used to improve the A.I in say, self driving cars maybe… Hmmm. Oh well you are so kind GOOGLE.

  21. Хуйня ваша капча вы блять ее нормально сука сделайте

  22. Please google take recaptcha v3 of the market and switch back to v2, it really doesn't work, 50% of the spam is not recognized and real users get blocked….

  23. How can I locate the recaptcha v3 on the bottom right corner of the contact form as a I´m not a robot checkbox instead of as a fixed icon? I working with Contact Form 7 in a wordpress web site

  24. I'm here trying to log in in my Rockstar Social Club account for half an hour. And it doesn't work. xD reCaptcha is the most annoying thing, I've seen on the internet yet.

  25. I installed Bitrix in 1C in Russia, all forms did not work, it was not immediately noticed why the disappointment overtook me.

    In Russia, all robots ?

  26. This cool, but its kind of hard in Oracle ADF to send the token to the backend and then on the backend send do some validation.

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