Introducing cloud computing

With the rise of big data and machine learning We can’t help but understand the most basic cloud computing services. But what exactly is the cloud? What is cloud computing? Next, I will introduce it briefly. First ,let me talk about Why does we call it a cloud? That’s because for years Developers and users of the Internet treat the Internet as a cloud and cloud computing refers to network computing. So why do we need cloud computing? At the beginning, the company wanted to store the data. but it requires computing power and a strong server the scale that big companies need is even more The maintenance and environment of the server is very costly. Inherent companies began offering this service Then we will talk about the three levels of cloud services. I. Infrastructure as a services 2. Software as a services 3.Plaform as a service The first is infrastructure as a services. Its service is to rent out the host network equipment. Can be rented flexibly according to user needs Without having to spend a lot of money to build hardware Famous services such as Amazon-ec2 and Chunghwa Telecom’s hicloud Then comes the software as a services. Means that the user does not have to go download the software to the machine but can be used directly through the browser And the data is instantly synchronized like : gmail ,google docs, Finally, the platform as a services Is a new architecture after online software Mainly for software developers to provide a complete cloud development environment but there are not many vendors that have the ability to provide platforms and services. Mainly microsoft azure and google app engine alright, that’s all for the basic introduction to the cloud computing. Thank you for watching bye

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