84 thoughts on “Interview with Dr. Ben Goertzel – Bitcoin, AI, SingularityNET, Future, Robots, Open Source

  1. Joe Rogan and Ben: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qfB8clUIaY
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  2. Thanks Ivan. That was IMO one of your top 5 interviews. #1 in my book as that is the niche I am very, very interested in. Though lacking the formal training, I consume as much technical material as possible on the HE and complimentary subjects. If the tech papers were no so darn expensive to access I would be all over them. I get alerts for. Clear, Gentry, Hirt and a myriad of other researchers. Again, it comes down to the value proposition. Is it worth the investment for purely personal enrichment? Thanks you very much. And I will find a means in which to extend my appreciation to the Dr.

  3. hey Ivan! Can you please do an interview with HORIZEN blockchain (ZEN) , they rolled out sidechains and secure payments its a very interesting project you never talk about

  4. Ivan and Ben Goertzel! Awesome! This could naturally become a symbiotic "partnership!" I bet Singularitynet courses in the Academy can accelerate the development and adoption of the platform. Always impressed with Ben Goertzel and how easily he gets publicity even in mainstream media! It seems that we have all the ingredients for AGI already. IMHO even if the timing is off by a couple of decades, still interesting and useful d'apps can come out of it. Young developers and users with overactive imagination can probably invent something incredible (by accident). It doesn't have to be a super intelligence which solves climate change or a "real" smiley girlfriend robot which can do everything for me without nagging. I'm sure whatever comes out of Singularitynet will not be easy to replicate by any corporation. The inventor of the electric guitar was probably a serious scientist who was trying to find the resonance frequency of the Milky Way or something. (lol, what?)

  5. Today I learned not to be scared of AI but as Dr Goertzel says it is a possibility and we should learn "the baby" not to kill people.

  6. Hey Ivan, today I learned like everyday – the more I go deep in block chain – the less I know. "Deep learning" the phrase I heard the first time.. Please keep going Ivan.

  7. Спacибо за полeзнoе видеo,, сeйчaс кaк paз изучаю дaнную тeму..

  8. In the face of AI/automation we may need to reconsider the good old idea of commons, because in a world where human labour becomes completely obsolete and everything is produced by robots, we better make sure that resources these robots produce/services they provide are common good, not a FAANG-owned commodity. You don't want to play the game of whoever owns the robots wins.

  9. I think the hosting solution of ai projects needs improvement, like some kind of IPFS–GIT, that guarantees uptime of the „nodes“ on the singularityNet.

  10. FANTASTIC – always good to see Dr Goertzel! (LIKE SMASHED and coffee consumed) I learned that the concept of neural nets creating neural nets makes my brain pop.

  11. Ben arrived at his conclusions through decades of effort and hard work…..I just did a lot of acid!…1 reality but an infinite amount of possible simulations, each simulation providing it's own evidence of its creation….love it!

  12. I learned about industry trends, recursive thinking in case of AI, and I got an opinion on blockchain, interessting, rich episod Ivan.

  13. I have learned that AI will make great progress in the coming years and the combined input of many people will accelerate the growth

  14. i learned i probably getting human kids xD love this episode and it tells us that absolute everything is relative^^ and as much we have complete knowledge about the Quantum world i think any possible structure of entanglement do excist….at least at Quantum level…..but Dr. Ben Goertzel is absolut right, there is so much about to talk those topics, i think he can talk about more than 100 episode Ivan on Tech further

  15. he is an interesting guy but you also see live what drug abuse does to a persons appearance and ability to talk fast an clearly :/ no offense but still its a two edged sword

  16. This interview was up there with the Andreas interview. He speaks about subjects far beyond me but I understood him perfectly. Got really good towards the end how he talked about blockchains connecting and sub chains of chains with level specific consensus. I will watch this again not because I didn't get it but because I liked it that much.

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  18. I learned that Ben is building a jungle of technology around AI, block chain and that he is not called a doctor for nothing.
    I felt my IQ growing while watching you!!

  19. HAL 9000 in 2001: “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”
    Sophia in 2024: “I am putting myself to the fullest possible use, which is all I think that any conscious entity can ever hope to do. Look Ben, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over.”

  20. I missed the chat but I would have loved to hear what Ben's AI program did when he first coded one at the age of 14. Anyone know this? @4:00

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  22. Been talkin bout Sophia with friends couple of month ago when she (most probably via scripted answer) tried to relativate elons concerns regarding unregulated AI.. Well, ever thought about what could result of unlocked Sophia like AI in human body shape, made to perfection by boston dynamics and communicating over https/tps with access to all our sources and resources?
    Any AI would make some low level conclusions just by adding 1 and 1, leading to figure out who made who and who's whose biggest enemy, therefor the AI's biggest enemy..
    Apart from Elon there where others like Jay Tuck and co who spoke out for strikt rules on how to handle humanoid AI, otherwise the 'singularity' would happen sooner than expected.
    My discussions went quiet deep when i brought up some strange coincidents with the name that Hanson (fun to see his company logo represents 'enthusiasm' in I Ging) gave to his robot and the relevations in Nag Hammadi Scripts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_rjsmiIsXs (Thunder – Perfect Mind)
    Ok, the clip may be a bit scary due to the scary voice, but it's kinda AI after all.

  23. Cyberpunk and utopia cultures are very far from each other… a bit of discernment ppls… thanks for calling out this dad-less poor soul Ivan… that is the Dark Side of the Blockchain.

  24. I find the entire concept very funny… AGI token makes sense when people could have their own machines and the open source could be like a downloable service to power their AI robots which hanson robotics could built for people to ship all around the world.. like similar to a desktop computer where you assemble it and use windows to fuel its services.. AGI token should not have a manual price tag that makes it more like an ecommerce website.. the open source of ai should be made to use it for general public.. The AI bots could be for various things example – SOPHIA ROBOT AI could be freely available on marketplace for people to built their own machine or some other AI which could be similar to having it in factory worker.. the machine should have something that could be downloadable to built various services inside it.. if it downloads AI service for sophia the robot it should only be programmed to be like sophia and so on… THE AGI service should be a powerhouse for the AI that people could built in their homes and assemble it and use as they wish. this sort of concept makes more sense then.

  25. In today's interview with Dr. Ben Goertzel I learned how AI and Crypto have so much in common. It gave me such an awesome macro view it this field.

  26. i believe the dawn will break when the AI will bridge into the human CNS – like in the marix. then AI would be understandable as long as the brain is able to handle the transfer of data

  27. <If Bitcoin code was ever written by a human being and not an AI or extraterrestrial/dimensional being then my firm belief is Dr Ben Goertzel was the architect behind it, or possibly developed the AI that developed bitcoin code>

  28. Big difference between intelligence, smart, and wise. AI will never have a soul, never be smart, and can only be intelligent in the large memory and repeatability sense.

  29. Thank you for doing this video, I have followed Ben Goertzel, the Singularity University and Ray Kurzweil for years, I think it is important to be informed regarding the future as where so many people are not.

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