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Hello there, today I’m going
to talk to you about Internet addiction. If there was ever a modern addiction,
this would definitely be it. No-one’s going to be able to tell you how much Internet time
you should have or shouldn’t have, so what we have to do
in our individual lives is to look at our computer use
or our Internet use and think about whether
it’s affecting our life detrimentally. Internet use absolutely
can affect our lives. It can lead to things like job loss, relationship breakdown, financial debt, academic failure, apathy, and an unlived life. If we do decide that the Internet is
having a detrimental effect on our life, we need to take steps
to move beyond that addiction. The first step, of course,
is admitting that we are addicted. The well-known addiction psychologist
Mark D. Griffiths created six criteria
that add-up to Internet addiction. They are: When the use of the Internet becomes the most important activity
in an individual’s life and dominates their thinking,
feelings and behaviour. For example,
when the individual’s offline, they’re thinking about
the next time they will be online. This refers to the subjective experience that people report as a consequence
of engaging in internet use and can be seen as a coping strategy. For example, they experience
the arousing of a buzz or a high or paradoxically a tranquillising feel
of escape or numbing. This is the process by which the user
increases the level of Internet use that they partake in
to achieve mood modification. In other words, people tend to gradually increase
the amount of time they are online to increase the mood modification effects
of being online. The unpleasant feeling states
and/or physical effects that can occur when Internet use
is discontinued or reduced: shakiness, moodiness, irritability. Most often, unexplained to the person
who’s experiencing them. This refers to the conflicts between
the Internet user and those around them. Conflicts with other activities, like
jobs, social life, hobbies or interests or from the individual themselves
which are concerned with spending too much time
engaged in Internet use. The tendency for repeated reversals
to prior patterns of internet use. In other words, even after periods
of abstinence or control, people revert to using the Internet and
to their prior addiction to the Internet. In my opinion,
if you meet any of the criteria, what’s to follow in this video
is important for you. Now, it’s really important
to understand that Internet addiction can in fact
be a mask for other addictions. For example, we may use the Internet
to facilitate a porn addiction. We may use the Internet to facilitate
an addiction to information. We may use the Internet to facilitate
our gaming addiction. There’s multiple different addictions
which can be fed via the internet, so we have to take a really close look
at what exactly it is that we are doing chronically on the internet for so long and decide whether it is an addiction
to the Internet itself or whether the Internet is just a venue through which
to realise and satisfy another addiction. What fix are we getting via the Internet? Keep in mind that we might simply be using
the Internet to distract ourselves from something we would rather
not feel, see or do. Every addiction,
no matter what it is, is done to fulfil a need
that is not being met. And every addiction is done to escape
from something, usually a feeling state. So in other words,
we’re using our addiction to move away from something unwanted towards something that is wanted
that we feel like we need. We have to make a serious effort to try to figure out
what it is we’re trying to escape from and also what it is we’re trying to get
or move towards through the addiction. Unless we stop running away from
what we’re trying to run away from and begin to meet those needs
in healthier ways, we will always have reason
to relapse back into an addiction. Even though it is beneficial
at a certain point to start physically weaning off or eliminating
the thing you’re addicted to, it does no good to do so,
unless you’ve addressed the underlying cause of the addiction. Before we go further, it’s important
to understand that for something to be addictive,
it does not have to be what the scientific community
considers to be a physiologically addictive substance. Most especially because
you can become powerfully addicted to the chemicals that your own body
produces in response to something. It must be said that Internet addiction
is particularly common among people who have social phobia
or fear of intimacy. Basically if you have a fear
of connection and intimacy but you need and want it at the same time, the Internet, especially social sites like
facebook provide a safe way to get it. You can be honest and close
while still maintaining your distance. Virtual online friends start to gain more
communication and importance over time to the person,
becoming more important of course than real life family and friends. This is why it’s so important
for our social healing to begin to take
our meaningful online relationships and make them physical
or three-dimensional in nature. We need to physically
interact with other people. People who are currently struggling
with depression and anxiety are also at risk for Internet addiction
because the Internet provides a plethora of distractions
from the pain of our physical life. It must be said that internet addiction
is a form of life avoidance. So what should you do if you’re ready to
admit that you have an Internet addiction? The first step, as we said before,
is that you have to find out what it is that you’re using
that addiction to get away from and what need you’re trying to meet
by engaging in that addiction. It’s also crucial for you to discover
whether the Internet is masking another addiction like porn or like gambling or like gaming and address that particular addiction
head-on. Two: Once we have discovered
what we are trying to get away from, we have to do the opposite. We have to drive
right into the centre of it. We have to turn around
and face the monster. There’s deep internal wounds
that need to be healed. There are fractured aspects of ourself
that need to be integrated. We need to be completely present with the negative emotions
that are trying to get our attention. We abandon ourselves,
the part of us that is hurting every time we try to get away
from what we are feeling. We have to stop the cycle
of self-abandonment. We begin with practicing
emotional Vipassana. I keep bringing people back to
this process for one serious reason: It is the most long-term
and permanent way to find true healing. To learn this process,
I want you to watch my YouTube video titled “How To Heal The Emotional Body”. Practice this process when you feel
the compulsive need or craving to get on the Internet or to engage in
your particular addiction on the Internet. Any and all shadow work that you will do
will benefit you immensely when it comes to addiction. We have to make the subconscious conscious in order to have any choice
as far as our actions are concerned. Three: We need to honestly ask ourselves whether we’re willing and wanting
to commit to life or not. That may seem like an interesting question
’cause after all, you’re living, you’ve obviously committed, right?
Think again. Just because you’re alive doesn’t mean
that you’re committed to living. And until you really decide
to commit to living, to making the absolute most out of this
life when you actually have it, you’re not going to be living
a life by virtue of choice. You’re not going to be able to make
a life that you want to live. There’s no right or wrong answer
to this particular question, but we have to know whether
we’re really committed or not, because if we’re not committed,
we’re not going to make lasting change. Four: if we decide
that we are committed to our life, we have to start making
some serious changes. We need to ask ourselves: “What am I missing out on as a result of
spending so much time on the Internet?” Internet addiction is a form
of life avoidance. What is it about your life
that you want to avoid? At some level,
if we are addicted to the Internet, part of us does not want to participate
in the living of our physical lives. Do you feel powerless to your life? Now here’s the most important question: Start making those changes in your life. You can involve other people to help you
in that process, if you’d like. The most important thing is that you
should consider this a life crisis. Five: Find ways to meet your needs and
your desires in ways that are healthier than the ways that you’re currently
meeting those needs right now. For example, if I’m using the Internet
to facilitate my addiction to information because new information satiates me
and makes me feel full or whole, what can I do instead to make myself
feel satiated, full or whole? Maybe I could attend a meditation retreat. Maybe I can get a gym membership and exercise. Maybe I can find a way to contribute like help someone or volunteer for a charity. Maybe I can pick up a new hobby. Maybe I could start going to therapy. Don’t be afraid to try new things. Six: Notice the urge to use the Internet. We have to develop a kind of awareness
in order to stop ourselves from behaviours that are ultimately detrimental to us. So when you notice the urge to use the Internet, I want you to stop for a minute
and ask yourself: “Do I really wanna do this?” “And if so,
why do I really wanna do this?” Now beware,
when you’re addicted to something, you’re very good at justifying
the reasons why you are doing that thing instead of admitting that really
the only reason is that you’re addicted; there’s no real good reason,
you’re just looking for an excuse. It doesn’t do you any good
to lie to yourself and justification can definitely be
a form of lying to yourself. After you answer that question honestly, you can decide whether
to go use the Internet or whether not to use the Internet. There’s no wrong or right answer. The most important part though
is that you’re aware of the process
of using the Internet. Seven: Start to notice your triggers. Everyone who has addictions has triggers for those
particular addictions. You wanna pay very close attention so that you can notice
what those triggers are. That will help you
to be ahead of the addiction, ahead of the urge to use. Your triggers are the things that cause
you to go check something on the Internet. For example, the idea of starting
a work project might be a trigger, so you may be getting on
to avoid or procrastinate it. Some other triggers might be: feeling lonely, having arguments, other people arguing around you, eating, getting notifications
on your phone or computer, being bored, stressed, feeling guilt or like a failure or thinking of something
that you want to look up, just to name a few. I want you to pay special attention
to the trigger that causes you
to use the Internet the most: that’s your most problematic trigger. If you’re aware of your triggers
and you notice that a trigger’s happening, then most likely you’re going to know that an urge to use the Internet
is about to come. Therefore, you’re ahead of the urge. That means
that when you do feel the urge, you’re prepared for it and you can either dive straight into
shadow work or emotional processing or you can choose to replace that urge
with something else. So, for example, if you feel that urge,
you could go running instead, you could take a hot bath instead. Or you can replace the urge to get on
the Internet with another behaviour like doing pushups going for a walk, journaling, or something else. Eight: Limit your time on the Internet. Now you have to do this in whatever way
feels doable and promising to you and that’s gonna be different
from person to person. Maybe you can only commit to taking
a break for ten minutes every hour. Maybe you can limit yourself
to only getting on the Internet two times a day at certain times. Maybe you can limit yourself
to only getting on the Internet certain days of the week. Commit to whatever feels doable to you
and then hold yourself to it. It might be a good idea to involve
other people in the process as well, as it applies to addiction. Being public about your addiction is one of the best ways
to hold yourself accountable. Solicit people to help you
maintain awareness of yourself so you can make
the right choices for yourself. There is also content-control software
that can benefit you, if you feel like purchasing it. Remember that a commitment that is not really committed to is never going to yield positive results and nobody can be
replacement for your commitment. So you’re either committed to changing
or you’re not. Nine: if your Internet use
is a serious problem for you, then instead of limiting
your time on the Internet, instead, try to schedule things
outside the internet. You wanna be as connected as you can
to the offline world. So set-up things in your schedule
that you know will force you to be away from the internet
or away from computers and do that every week and if you can, every day. Ten: Reduce your Internet resources
down to the ones that are the very most crucial and important
for you at this particular time. We spend incredible amounts of time
on the Internet because there is so much stuff
on the Internet to distract us. So if we’re having an issue
with our Internet use, we can decrease those or prioritise only
the ones that matter the very most to us. Delete the ones that don’t add to
or enrich your life. You’re trimming down to the essential. You may need your e-mail account but you don’t need your Facebook account. You may need your Facebook account but not need the computer game
you’ve been playing. Limit yourself online to the things
that are really important to you, but don’t forget to ask yourself why those specific things
are indeed so important to you. And when you do get on the Internet
to do important things, treat the Internet like a tool. The Internet is essentially
a means to an end. The question is
what end is it a means to, this time. Each time you go to get on the Internet,
plan your strategy regardless of whether you’re looking for entertainment
or looking to do something related to work. And don’t let yourself
deviate from that plan. The Internet
is an incredible manifestation. It has caused the expansion of human
consciousness in unparalleled ways, but let us not forget that we came here
to live our physical lives and let our physical lives be
the platform for our future expansion. Let the internet enrich your life. Don’t let it be an escape from your life. And don’t forget
that your attention is important. Only give your attention to things
that benefit your life directly. Have a good week. transcribed and synced by Eirini Subtitles by the community

100 thoughts on “Internet Addiction – Teal Swan –

  1. I got addicted to a cyber relationship because my husband was addicted to television. Which is worse? I now live with my cyber love. We're addicted to each other. Sad that we all need something to be addicted to!

  2. This is very thought provoking and i think interent additction is becoming a big thing i made a documentary about INTERNET ADDICTION so it would be awesome if you could check it out if you like and think your addicted to internet

  3. Hay. I found that internet use is not the problem. The problem is the wifi signal. It has bin re produced on the same frequency as the chill out reactive vibration of the brain. When your in a wifi spot the vibration chills you out your brain and causes the brain to become passive. This obviously makes you a better consumer. Using more internet is then a consumer thing and someone obviously makes money. Someone figure out how wifi is stoped from vibrating through humans and whalaha all better.

  4. Internet is the only addiction that we see as a normal thing, and that's because we work on it, we need it to study, to connect with people very far etc. It helps us and it's wonderful, yeah I agree, but everything has a limit and it has become dangerous each day and nobody feels it. One proof of it is that when u're walking, at the bar, gym or any place u find urself, u see lots of people paying attention to their cellphones ONLY, tablets etc (like a robot), and we act like there's nothing happening….even kids do that. it's very sad.

  5. Thank you Teal, you are a true light warrior and I acknowledge you for your generous gifts that you bestow on this planet.  You have given your vessel to Source to help facilitate in the planetary shift that is taking place at this moment and for that I salute you.

  6. I love program updates ^_^ lol, change-logs,  and submitting bug reports when they I something isn't working correctly or when there is a crash…

    when up until last.. it was December 17th 2014, I had always gone to the  Library for internet and updates, research(health, conspiracy, and new-age)
    now I finaly have internet at home so that lifted one stressor.. and helped me break one cycle of having my time/life revolve around the library (1.5 hrs/day going back to Junior High days (mid 90s), 2013 on with a old 2008 laptop given to me from a friend of a friend, onward as much time as I could stand to sit there at the library)

    as I think of other things over time I will update this post.

  7. Great Video. The topic would deserve further videos, maybe not exactly on internet usage but on forms of "life avoidance" and practical strategies to take some power away from them.

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  11. but if i wasnt addicted to info i wouldnt have found this & thats not a lie but it is justification….. ugg
    cyber-divination is how it started too

  12. You my dear are magnificent!  Thank you for all the beautiful life lessons you give. I hope we will soon connect because I too have chosen to help this world give birth to the beauty of life, which many are unaware of. Isn't life a trip!

  13. Quite a few of your videos resonate with me but this is not one of those.
    I've been using computers since the mid 1980's and internet since the early 1990's for work and social communication, news, books, a learning tool, entertainment. I have family in different parts of the world and to tell me my relationship with them is less because it's been digitized is ridiculous.
    We are moving more and more towards this sort connection because it frees us from the limits of the physical.
    I can leave this message for you to be read in a different time and space.
    People do great things with the internet.
    Don't tell me that I'm better of talking to the person next door because they are made of meat and not 0's and 1's.

    You need to approach this topic from a different angle.

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    The very language we speak has resonant sounds that manipulate out thought processes, we are programmed, theres no denying it.
    Oh sure i can 'say otherwise' to make it all sound nicer, but the proof is everywhere, we re being steered no matter what we do.

  17. I come back to this video a lot, i keep coming back to it and each time i learn something new. Currently i have ascended to a stage where i limit my iphone usage to 5 times a day for 15 minutes each, i have quit all forms of video games and beating my porn addiction. In the past 5 months i went from a negative person that was getting fat and depressed to near suicide to actually living, making new friends, getting muscle toned and ripped and enjoying my time on this earth and succeeding!. 

    Thank you teal!

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  19. Thank you Teal. I took a whole page of notes about what you said on this video. The internet literally destroyed my life and my family's. Since I started connecting spiritually the past 2 years, the internet wasn't as hard to leave than it was before. When you have a desire to connect to life, the internet feels like a drag nearly, and you can feel your own spirit just screaming at you to go do something worthwhile in life. Don't ignore it!

  20. crazy thing is, that i know very well that i spend too much time at the computer, i am often late for appointments because of it and excuse it with traffic jam or other things .. I don't clean up my house as much as I should and the first thing I do in the morning is go on youtube, and it can catch my attention for up to 6 hours, until i get too hungry..
    For a short period of 2 weeks I did yoga every morning, did the laundry and all and tried to reward that all with a pleasent youtube session, but it is too easy for me to fall back into bad habbits ..
    When I had a girlfriend before I used to cook, clean, went out with her, and was very balanced, now I watch tons of documentaries or try to find something to learn that helps my selfgrowth ..
    I think the underlying thing is that I feel lonely and the internet numbs that..
    When I listen to your videos I feel that I could do so much better and I start to do all the things I should do, and I do all the chores while listening to your videos.
    So I understand my problem, all I need to do is just change, but sometimes that can be quite hard, 
    so i wanted to thank you deeply for the videos, as they help me understand myself and encourage me to become a better me.. Off to a workout session now :))

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    Don't wait until its toо late whеre thеre is life thеrе is hоре ррeасe aааnd blеssings!

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  29. Honestly, I'm not ready to give up the internet (I really should say technology). Honestly, If I was ready to make a change it would be going back and looking at the replies to my comments, but I'm such a social phobe that I tried that over one weekend and stopped because I got in this argument with someone and it put me in a dark mood. One day I'll try reading replies again, but not yet, online commenters are meaner than people in real life.

    I have noticed that I'm starting to interact more with random people more. Maybe its law of attraction, but most the time when I go into a public bathroom I get into a conversation with someone in there. So, things are changing for me. I went to the mall with a coworker the other day, but she's acting so distant now that I don't think she wants to hang out again. I get really nervous around people that I like because I don't want to make mistakes and then I end up boring them because I never say anything fun. I'm working on this.

    I know being authentic is about doing the things that come naturally, but most the time when I'm around people I feel nervous and if I was to do what comes naturally I would be apologizing for being around them. I know where this comes from. When I was seven, my grandmother that I loved deeply stopped wanting me around, she would complain that she had to raise me and was angry at my mother for leaving even though she did everything to get her to leave in the first place. I became aware that my grandmother did not want, I thought she stopped loving me, and became ashamed of just being there. I contemplated running away so that she didn't have to deal with me. Meanwhile, at school I was the ugly, fat kid so I was well aware of the fact that at school no one wanting me around. I used to feel bad for the kids that had to sit beside me in class or be in my groups.

    Another reason I like communicating online is the backspace button. So many times I wish I could just retract something I said, but I can't. Online I can make things perfect.

    This is something I will be working on in the future, but right now I have bigger fish to fry like manifesting some money and possibly a dream career.

  30. I lost my job from internet addiction! I didn't want to get another one because the thought of leaving my phone was giving me fatigue and dread. I was also aroused by a buzzing sound it just gave me such a high. I now go hours without my phone and it feels so good! Getting my life back together.

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  40. I think I'm addicted to information – especially youtube, because I deeply feel not seen, not understood, in pain, isolated, without a deep connection to other people and I further isolate myself. I feel stuck in here. I can't stand youtube and yet it's my main source of connection, because I can control what I get from it.

  41. I've been overusing the internet for knowledge, so I could convince myself that it was all for a good cause. But its now become a coping mechanism to avoid real stress in my life.

  42. I realized I was addicted to Facebook when I spent so much time mindlessly scrolling through Facebook that I started to get a migraine from it and yet I still continued doing it. I talked to one of my friends that doesn’t use much social media about it. And then I deactivated it. It’s been about a week and I’ve noticed that I was using it because I felt incredibly insecure about myself when I started it 12 years ago. I never stopped using it since I was only 15 years old and I never got the chance to learn how to be secure within myself. If I wanted to feel good about myself I would just go on Facebook and ask for validation from others and suddenly I was fine again. Now that I don’t use Facebook, these demon thoughts creep in to my mind. Thoughts like “you’re stupid, you’re insignificant, nobody loves you, there’s nothing good about you, you’re useless”. I often times felt these demons throughout my teenage and young adult life and I would cure it by using Facebook. Now that I’ve stopped, I’m literally forced to face these demons head on. It’s kind of exciting though. When these thoughts happen, I have the natural tendency to go into the woods and sit down and go into my own shadow world. Thus far, I’ve discovered some incredible things about myself

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