Institute of Computing and Cybersystems – ICC

In May of 2015 Michigan Technological
University’s Institute of Computing and Cyber systems or the ICC was formed. It
is the research branch of a larger Michigan Tech organization called the
Alliance for Computing Information and Automation or the ACIA. Both
organizations aim to surpass traditional academic boundaries in computing
information and automation, in order to create an environment that’s a
reflection of today’s industry and society. What this means is that Michigan
Tech is now more than ever reaping the benefits of cross-disciplinary
collaboration and the ICC is at the heart of it. The Institute’s mission is
to promote research and learning experiences and five areas while
fostering a heavily collaborative environment. These areas are represented
by five specialized research centers: They are the Center for Cyber Physical
Systems, the Center for Cybersecurity, the Center for Human Centered Computing, the
Center for Data Sciences and the Center for Scalable Architectures and Systems.
Within these centers and between these centers we see a rich interplay across
disciplines that are traditionally separated. ICC is important to Michigan
Tech in the sense that it brings the faculty and students in those sub-disciplines
together to discover new knowledge in computing and also enable
faculty to develop interdisciplinary proposals which
otherwise would not be possible. The ICC as a research center is I think a very
good model in the sense that it is trying to foster these wide-ranging
collaborations. Many centers are very focused on a narrow topic and bring in a
small subset of researchers on just you know one or two areas and often
coming from the same department or the same disciplines. The ICC allows us to
collaborate across units across departments, across schools and colleges.
Hopefully encourage and enable these collaborations going forward to tackle I
think some of these really interesting research projects up today. ICC members are active leaders in the
computing society. They are the world winning educators and researchers. I’m
very excited by what we achieved the last year. We almost double the original
goals. All of this is because the hard work from all ICC members and also because
of the inherent collaborations between ICC members and also between ICC centers.
ICC provides a platform to enable in the v3 search through support, facilitation
and collaboration within and outside the Michigan Tech. Almost all my research
project being a collaborative project Here in this department I collaborate
with many people. One of the projects just mentioned, the joiner
has a project with Dr. Braun who is not in our center but in different
centre but she is a member of ICC. The center is great, is very helpful for
developing collaboration with center members. For example I have a project
will Dr Hu about the symptom monitoring. And I provide data and
Dr Hu’s research is more about data analytics. So I provide data and he
analyzed data so we’re a good match for research. Last year ICC supported 32 students.
These students play an important role in the research we do. As we know ICC
members they develop research proposals and the guide research directions. Our
students they do make valuable contributions during the course of the
research, especially on simulations and experiments. In doing so, students gain
invaluable experience of having worked on projects for [inaudible]. In the research Enterprise, shall we say, I view students as being the
apprentices in that. So that our faculty members in the ICC are really
responsible for creating the research programs and leading those research
programs but one of our missions is to bring students into that Enterprise,
bring them into that activity. And that happens at all different levels. Any
undergraduate who is working in my lab is treated like a graduate student. They
are actually given and assigned the same tasks that graduate students are assigned.
Students are incredibly important for our research program I mean the students
are the ones who are actually able to do the most of the research for us. We’re
spending our time looking for opportunities writing proposals to get
funding and then the students are in the lab actually executing our ideas and so
in my lab specifically here at Tech I use both graduate students and
undergraduate students. And undergraduates have turned out to be an
exceptional resource for me. I have undergraduates that have gone on to work
at Uber self-driving car program, Amazon, Facebook, Bosh, Magnet Electronics. They’re
doing very amazing things now. We are always driving to advance the
science and the technology in the field of computing. The short-term goal of
ICC is that we are going to continue to grow the regular membership and start
to recruit a fit into the membership to fuel more collaborations and also to
bring more research funding to enable cutting edge and the impactful research.
The long-term goal of is that ICC along with ACRA will lead the computing
research and education on campus. Make a notable contribution to Michigan Tech
strategic plan, and the play more leadership roles in the computing
society. To learn more about ICC members, news and events: go to Find the support button to learn about ways you can help support the ICC and look
for the sign up now button to receive ICC newsletters.

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