Installing OSMC (Open Source Media Center) to the 1st Generation Apple TV

Apple released the Apple TV in 2006 today. It’s basically useless with its original firmware. So in this video, I’ll show you how to replace the original firmware with a more up-to-date firmware called OSMC Assuming you already have the Apple TV. You’ll need a USB Drive a PC or a Mac and a TV that supports HDMI or component video. First we’ll need to prepare the USB Drive. plug it into a computer and open a web browser and search for OSMC installer Click on the first link and click Apple TV, and then choose the operating system in my case is Windows Once the Installer is finished downloading open it up and in select your language and in the second drop-down select Apple TV Select the latest version of the software and click Next. Keep SD card selected and click Next Click on your USB Drive and click Next the drive will be erased completely Agree to the license agreement and click Next the software will begin downloading Installing OMC to the Apple TV will erase the original firmware which can be restored to a later date After the download is finished hook everything up and plug the USB drive into the Apple TV The Apple TV will power on automatically when plugged in When powered up you should get this screen Unplug the USB stick and restart the Apple TV After it boots up, you should see an installer screen. This doesn’t take long Once OSMC is installed, you’ll have to go through a basic setup like language timezone and connecting to the internet Then you’re done. Enjoy your new entertainment center

13 thoughts on “Installing OSMC (Open Source Media Center) to the 1st Generation Apple TV

  1. so is this OSMC going to the eeprom or the harddrive?  Since you mentioned that the firmware can be reloaded if you don't like this?  So the OSMC is just firmwire?

  2. Thank You, young man, because I am able to get the OSMC on the Apple Tv that I just brought from eBay. Now I will have to learn how to use it but you get all the hats off because I learned from you how to get started.

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