Improving computer vision with DeepLab

Say hello to Bob Bob is a computer, and he is not very good
at recognising different parts of a picture Bob’s friend Alice wants to help, so Alice
tries to explain what the picture shows Perhaps Bob just need glasses Nothing seems to help Bob, which makes Bob
and Alice very sad Alice goes back to her lab and tries to think
of a solution Alice is working hard on making a new code
for Bob The code is forming a new neural network After a while the new code is finished, and
Alice calls it DeepLab Alice is excited about showing Bob the new
code The DeepLab code makes Bob smarter and able
to think deeper Now Bob can finally understand what Alice
is showing him Bob and Alice are very happy with the new
code, and Alice can now trust what Bob is telling her in the future Come and join us for more stories like this
on the Fair Journal

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