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hello everyone please welcome and join me Easy Steps I’m going to share with you today iMac 27 inch I’m going to replace hard drive to solid-state drive SSD so two things I’m going to share with you how to remove the screen in easy steps the easiest way to do is with the proper tools if you don’t have tools what you need to do you use your nails if you have a credit card handy that will be the best thing to work with but before anything you do with your nails just hold it up here at one end and if you can push it like this a little bit on the screen if I can show it you look at this if I can close in and there is a gap appears so this is the what I wanted to show it to you so this much we are already in so once we make a little gap with the fingernail so just insert a credit card or something so it won’t push it back if you don’t have a credit card you can use it you know see it drops it down like that so now we can go back and pull it just hold it from the side don’t put your finger inside so you get your fingerprints pick from the bottom and now you take this glass out put the glass in a safe place so you need to use t8 x50mm screwdriver if we start from here I will open it one and I will do the same thing with the rest we need to remove eight screws four on this side and four in this side once the screws are removed then you have to be very gentle and very careful where’s the magnets are you just grab the magnet and you pull it now I’m going to show you on the back what things we need to remove it’s a wire we need to unhook it from this end with nails putting right underneath these tabs you pull this one out then now is a display so in easy to remove it these are two sides you need to press in once you press in it that releases the lock and it’s open it so that’s how you do it you need to press from both sides and that’s where it will release the display cable this sensor cable you pull it off and it comes out now we need to remove by pressing it down once we press it it unlocks it you pull it out make sure to hold it from the side edges not to put your fingerprints on your screen and take this one out just lifting it up please make sure that you put this screen on a dirt free-esd control space so now I’m going to remove your hard drive and I’m going to replace it with the SSD a quick tip once you had open it your iMac and the fans are really dirty you can brush them off and blow the air and the same thing there is a another fan on this one you can do the same thing same screwdriver for two screws which are holding the bracket we’re going to unplug these cables the sata the power tilted towards you and hold this one up out of the bracket so there is another sensor cable which you just pull it out to need the enclosure for SSD and these of the two screws which I removed from older hard drive and this is the bracket I removed it from here so once we put it back everything in a place now I’m going to bring up the screen so now I’ll bring it back and slowly you put it up there that this one is easy just put it up there and press it in make sure that it is securely connected and this is the one of the smaller one these are cables are so tiny so it’s kind of tedious work when you do it but if you know what you’re doing and now we’re going to go back to the power and make sure it’s locks in and now the other cable at the top you just make sure that you come down here and you put it and press it down and that’s basically it and now we’re going to push it back slowly this is like that make sure that it’s all aligned properly the power on and share don’t tighten the screws because it will be going to get a aligned and sometimes what happen if this one doesn’t get a aligned then you get a flat screwdriver you put it right up here and you lift the screen up a little bit but in my case is a perfectly fine aligned all those put all the screws eight of these they are tighten that so now we going to put the front glass they slides in at the bottom then you go back and make sure that you put your fingers underneath and the slowly you release it that’s it snapping and on the camera you just press it a little bit and that’s how it’s easy and simple so that’s how easy you replace your hard drive on the iMac 27-inch or if your screen is broken that’s way to replace the screen as well and don’t get discouraged if you don’t have a proper tool suction cups they are always handy they are always I advise to go with the proper tool but when it comes to easy steps everything is easy so make sure you follow easy steps and I’m going to see you soon with the new things first of all easy steps thank you bye bye

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