86 thoughts on “I Wore $5 Clothes From Romwe For A Week

  1. HELLO FRIENDS!!! sorry for the delay, i was filming something ~secret~ all of last week! 💩what do you think, is romwe real or a ~scam~?

  2. The skirts are riding up because they are not sized correctly for you. If you go one size up the skirts will hang better, be a little longer, and actually look more expensive.

  3. I'm glad they all fit you nicely! I had a romwe haul at one point and most of the stuff i ordered that was medium(my size) didn't fit me! luckily i bought mostly large stuff since it was supposed to eventually be a gift for someone(that i cut off from my life) and those were almost the same size. So beware of romwe they'll try to sell you stuff and most of the time it isn't as good as it seems.

  4. Actually the smell people think is chlorine in a pool is actually the smell of the pee and the chlorine in the pool mixed together because chlorine alone without pee smells like nothing.

  5. All these items are made in China and meant for young Petite Asian Chinese Girls, I always order in sizes 1 or 2 sizes above, yes I’m Chinese but born in Canada and I’m over 56… Congratulations on the marriage and you guys rock I love your YouTube video, yes I did subscribe!

  6. I actually really love Romwe. I got a few shirts from there a while ago and they are all really comfy and cute and the pants I got were great but the zipper broke in a couple weeks. That might just be because I'm fat though lol. But I ordered a lot more things a couple weeks ago and the tracking says they're still on the freaking plane. I paid for express shipping but they didn't actually ship until a week after I ordered and they've been sitting in the freaking facility for another week now. I paid for express shipping so I thought it would be here in 2 or 3 days LIKE I PAID FOR but apparently not

  7. ''Army pants and flip flops'' Me:I saw cady heron wearing army pants and flip flops, so i wore army pants and flip flops.

  8. I ordered a dress, a mini backpack, a tshirt, and a sweatshirt. The dress was really cute and good quality (I got a lot of compliments) but came from shein (which by the way is owned by romwe), the backpack was just slightly larger than an apple with the straps being only about a foot long. The tshirt was basically just a mens undershirt with a design printed on it. Lastly the sweatshirt was cute but made out of the weirdest fabric ever. It was stick and itchy and tingly all at the same time. Overall I think if you are going to order something, your best bet is to order it on shein, not romwe.

  9. ME: I like the friends sweatshirt. I should maybe buy it….

    Hears saf saying” no colder than Southern California.

    Me: I live in Michigan

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    people say that if you say a YouTubers name 3 times they will pin your comment safiya safiya Sarita
    This might not happen T^T

  11. Old video I know but the plastic bag in American beauty is white, it’s not the last scene and baby boomers doesn’t mean what they think it means lol

  12. Lmao when my gf was watching this video I wasn’t really listening and saf was like “I ended up liking the bottom better than the top.” And I turned to my girlfriend and she looked at me weirdly and then we said almost at the same time (I said it a little before her) “This is why I’m the bottom.” Just felt like I had to share lol

  13. Here’s the thing about ROMWE… you get what you pay for. I order everything. I love most of the jeans. They are kind of ok material, but not terrible. I love it. Another thing. ROMWE and Shein work together. They’re not using shein bags. It’s the same thing. Love the swim suits too.

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