74 thoughts on “I had given up on AMD… until today – Ryzen 9 3900X & Ryzen 7 3700X Review

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  2. can you make a video, pls, about the games if its possible in the future to see games which take advantage of the multicore/ multithreads CPUs because i have the feeling that the benchmarks comparison for games will weight more for AMD and i guess it will be the end of Intel because the "blue team" cant keep up with the "red team" :)))))
    You have a topic here about this subject, kinda, https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/918735-games-that-use-68-cores/
    but i found a list of some ghames with more CPU threads use :

    Number of threads used by games :
    BF1 : 5
    CS:GO : 2+2+2 4+
    Doom 2016 (vulkan): >8
    Killing Floor: 1-2
    League of Legends: 2
    Lords Of The Fallen: 4+
    Path of Exiled : 2
    Skyrim SE: 1+
    WarFrame: 3
    World of Warcraft: 1+
    UT2004: 2
    XCOM 2008 demo: 3
    Wolfensteain new order: 4+

  3. I know that sponsorships are keeping this channel going, but I keep being annoyed when he talks about sponsors that aren't even relevant to me.
    I pay for youtube premium mainly to avoidf ads, yet I still see them in every LTT video (And their other channels).

  4. Don't know anything about pc part shopping…Can anyone tell me if it would be a stretch to hope that the ryzen 7 3700x could be put on sale in the near future? (black friday, cyber monday, etc)

    I know that its on small sale right now, but I mean something like a 15%-25% off or something good like that.

    I don't know if I'm being naive and wishfully thinking, considering that it's a fairly new cpu, but im just curious if it would be possible and worth the wait for them or if I should settle for the low $10-$20 off deals, like the one right now.

  5. Linus I have a question to ask about Audio production, I am a Sound engineer student, and other sound engineers keep saying don't buy AMD processors for Audio production but I was wondering, is there any difference in performance and stability between Intel 9th gen processors and the new Ryzen 3rd gen processors? if any one on this community have an answer I'd really appreciate it!

  6. !!!!!Linus!!!! You didn't give AMD a fair comparison. You don't pair an AMD w/ an Nvidia graphics card. You go AMD CPU w/ AMD GPU. Then you compare the rigs as they are intended. The difference should be more than obvious.

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  9. I was a Intel guys but not anymore. Bye Team Blue and Hello Team Red.
    Intel: sad opera music plays
    Ryzen: turn down for what plays I make it rain up in this bitch Haha.

  10. Nice to hear, been waiting for something like this competition is good and AMD been the underdog for awhile goid to see them get a bite

  11. R9 3950x comes out this November (This month) and I'm locked and loaded ready to buy a new pc to last me another 5 years :O it's truly a special month anything could happen. Long live da king

  12. AMD and Intel future for as Let see If something new going present in 2 to 3 years I can't wait for 7nm move out 4nm come out be use In future Any way I bet that Computers can not started at less 16 GB of ram you going meet requirement to install in PC Desktop in future more more space for game install You going need SSD with 3TB as normal run low games probably going happen Microsoft Working at win 10 until October 2020 y they finish investment at win 10 project After October 2020 only major update patches like securities once every few months until 2025 year They don't say if someone going be release they keep secret. I bet some going be out faster new system maybe better no one know what future will be in PC We have more PC for Games then any elses People use for streaming samll devices like Fire stick Roku Apple TV Cell phone The same for web browsing on internet Today using laptops are more then PC Desktop Everything change went internet connection come power AMD years was behind today come back I wish AMD build CPU for small computer like box will not take space and not over heat fit with small components and hardware for entertainment PC Desktop !!!

  13. It's not "just a second choice for poor people" I have a R7 and prefer intel purely just because my brain likes amd. Simple as that. It's a preference I didn't think about.

  14. Okay okay, it can run Crysis. But can it render a CSS animation at more than 4fps? I'm talking truly impossible stuff here.

  15. There is no faster reflex in my body than my finger going to letter L to press it a couple of times when Linus's mood suddenly changes and he says "Speaking of…".

  16. honestly i was about to go for intel next year but now that i know about 3rd gen ryzen i will definitely give it a second thought………………..team blue work harder….team red lead the way man

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