So Huawei could get an early Christmas present
that could allow the company to breathe a bit easier. You see Huawei is blacklisted by the US government
which means American companies can’t work with Huawei. If American companies want to do business
with Huawei then they need a license from the US government. They need to apply for a license and the US
government will decide whether or not they want to approve the license request. Now, since Huawei is a multi-billion-dollar
company, the second-biggest smartphone maker and on its way to becoming the top smartphone
maker by beating Samsung. So obviously American companies want to do
business with Huawei. So a lot of companies have filed license requests
to the US government. In fact, the government has received 260 license
requests. One of those, of course, is believed to be
Google. Wilbur Ross who’s one of US officials told
Bloomberg that Licenses allowing US companies to sell equipment to Huawei “will be forthcoming
very shortly. He’s very optimistic that these licenses will
be coming very soon. He admits that they have received far more
license requests than they expected which suggests how many American companies are actually
affected by this ban. Huawei was banned in the first place because
the US believes they are a National security threat. So of course, they will only grant permission
to those licenses which are not deemed sensitive. Also the Phase one of a U.S.-China trade agreement
could be signed this month which is another good news for Huawei. Because it’s more likely that Huawei will
be used as a bargaining chip in the trade agreement. The deal would see China buying more American
agriculture products and in turn, China would ask the U.S. to drop the 15% import tax on
smartphones imported from China into the U.S. and would also ask to drop Huawei from the
entity list. So things are looking good for Huawei right
now. The loss of Android is the biggest impact
this ban has made on Huawei. Because of it, they’re forced to use an open-source
version of Google’s operating system on its latest phones, like the Mate 30 Pro which
is a great handset but people in the west aren’t buying it because it doesn’t come with
Google services. So this is certainly a breath of fresh air
for Huawei presuming the US government makes good on Trump’s promise to grant a number
of exceptions to US companies wanting to do business with Huawei. So the growth of Huawei in China in Q3 2019
is mind-blowing and was expected at the same time. Huawei’s domestic smartphone shipments increased
66 percent year-over-year, while literally every other company lost market share in that
country. They sold 41.5 million smartphones in China
compared to 25 million in the same time frame last year. That’s an insane growth and most of it is
attributed to customers purchasing Huawei devices as a rebellion against US sanctions
and foreign pressure. Look at other companies they’ve lost the market
share in double digits. Overall Huawei shipped around 62 million smartphones
worldwide and despite the ban they are growing in the west as well which is incredible. Anyway, do let me know your thought on this
down in the comments and as always I’ll see you tomorrow…Peace out!

100 thoughts on “Huawei – THERE’S A CHANCE

  1. Also, maybe every company should think about getting banned. Being exiled helps. Companies gain more sympathy, old love re-ignites. What doesn't kills you, only makes you stronger!

  2. Samsung apple or huawei? which is the best smartphone company? I like samsung the most, especially because of the samsung galaxy s11 series, and their innovations

  3. Sal idk if you know techs but lemme ask you a question!
    Which is better
    a) Chinese Smartphones 8GB ram DDR3 And 256GB ROM UFS 2 OR 1
    b) Samsungs 8Gb ram ddr4 and 128GB UFS 3.0

    Edit;I won't say nothin cause SOMEBODY would call me a Sam fanboy So i asked it to to u.

  4. Pfff huawei overtaking samsung? That's more ridiculous then the LGBT rainbow poppy πŸ˜‚

  5. Huawei are releasing phones everyday. Huawei Y9s, Y9 prime, Honor 9X, Nova 5T. Most of them are the same Phone like Honor 9X and Prime they have the same specs,48mp cameras ,4000mah and same processor and display size

  6. It's about time Trump stopped picking on Huawei and hurting consumers. There's zero evidence that Huawei phones can be manipulated by the Chinese government for the purpose of information gathering, any more than could be achieved by oppo, vivo, xuaomi, Lenovo, Meizu, etc.

  7. For the record I, an American, don't approve of the Huawei Ban. However I am glad that US citizens can purchase whatever they want and the law only applies to government officials.

  8. I would buy Huawei even with no display just because us bans it.
    I write this comment from Huawei mate pro 20 – Europe

  9. I've just remembered one thing from your previous videos – Huawei grows in China because people there are angry because of the ban from the USA and nationalism kicked in.
    So… My basic math tells me that if the ban ends, people from China won't have this thing to 'fight' so they'll buy products from other companies so Huawei won't grow that much (their growth in China is higher compared to the world before the ban). Doesn't it mean that the ban is… Helpful for them?

  10. 1 reason why I like huawei phone better then Samsung it doesn't lagg when u have it for at least 3 years but Samsung laggs in only 1 year

  11. Good luck Huawei! Make Samsung work HARD to keep my business. The competition alone is exciting. I look forward to new releases!

  12. Where in Europe can you actually buy the device? I’ve looked into the Spanish and British stores and they weren’t selling them.

  13. I absolutely LOVE my Mate 30 Pro. The pictures it takes are so good and the screen is just jaw droppingly beautiful.

  14. There is chance For to get Google services or Unbanned from US
    Other phone companies relaxing themselves that this is only a chance its fine ..

  15. I am not really interested in Huawei's phone, but I do like its existence to keep the pressure on Samsung and Apple.
    Competition benefits consumers

  16. Now India is thinking to ban or say give a really big shock to Oppo,Vivo,Xiaomi and One plus after China made comments against India regarding Kashmir.

  17. Though Trump is right on possible security backdoors on Huawei devices, I still hope they can resolve this impasse…coz I still think Huawei devices are some of the best in the world. All the best to Huawei.

  18. Hey Sal, do you think Samsung will be releasing any new laptops this coming year? I have my eye on the Galaxy Notebook 9 Pro 512GB, but I don't want to purchase if they will release a next gen soon.

  19. Honestly i think Xiaomi should change its name. Just hearing the brand Xiaomi and people will know it is Chinese brand and cheap. Maybe that is why i think that the reason their growth is really slowing down. I've used their phones and it is good and they offer the best value for your money. If they want to shed their cheap image then they should rename Xiaomi.

  20. Huawei dosent need Google…. no one cares about the ban in asia… they sell most of their products in asia…. if they release Harmony os… the monopoly of android is over

  21. Just imagine what will happen when Huawei sells their phones in the US. I see them snatching that first position very soon…

  22. Huwaie is only good for China not for other countries. Since its cheaper and has no Google service it's perfect phone for consumer. I don't think they can beat Samsung and get number 1 spot

  23. Watching this in my Huawei Mate 30 Pro, complete with all Google apps and services.. That ban would never work on me.

  24. If there were more requests than expected, it seems to show that they didn't investigate properly.
    So either Huawei is a bigger threat to national security or they have been bluffing all along.
    Seems like it has been over 4 years that we hear about the Huawei national security risk factor.

  25. Chinese r known for Spying, cheating, stealing, etc.
    I hate chinese Products but I want Huawei to keep up their game coz this keeps the competition healthy, and drives out monopoly.
    Also, they force others to offer value for Money.
    Thats d only reason I want Huawei to keep up their game.

  26. How are they growing in the West as well? Not in Europe, that's for sure…

    Actually in Europe, it's just steady at 18% and only just half over of Samsung market share at 34% and 3rd after Apple with 26%.

  27. Will say the biggest thing that people think will lead to failure of huawei is android ban but just weight even if China has banned most apps then also most still want China pie and being huawei attach to Chinese heart they can make there is be compatible with at least 70% of apps just by seeing China pie of over 200 million users and that means huawei just need 1-3 years to make there os be as good as android in terms of apps library and can then just make integration like apple and seeing there chip growth and Chinese Collab many Chinese manufacturers may even use there os then android will be in danger and will say more danger is for apple then many may think.
    With deep pocket and great base can make there own os easily.
    And seeing this may be samsung may do same may take more time then Huawei.
    Just one question can a company just push an ota update to change there os like just think samsung just tell all the Major and minor players in app that tyzen os will come to over 200 million customers as they are having even larger user base.
    If that happen we may see less of android in future

  28. And Ao You Are Growing!πŸ€“. I've Seen you From Very Begging!. And i liked it so much of ur Contents!. Keep it up!… #ISupportYou

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