HP Pavilion Elite m9260f Intel Desktop PC

Hey this is the HP Pavilion Elite, Pavilion Elite, M9260F. It’s so fast and strong it will make you want to slap your sister. At least, that’s what say back home in– back home in Kansas. But it’s really fast, and it’s awesome, and it’s got solid, top of the line components all the way through this thing, it’s going to be able to do your gaming, it’s going to be able to do your media, it’s going to be able to do all of your media center stuff, it’s going to do video editing– just everything. And it’s all here, in this box. It’s got a Core 2 Quad Q6700 running at 2.6 gigahertz. That’s four cores, running at 2.6 gigahertz inside of this computer. Four gigabytes of DDR2 RAM. Now, it can go all the way up to eight gigabytes if you want to upgrade it, it comes with Vista Home Premium preinstalled, and it is the 64-bit edition, so it’s going to be able to really take advantage of all that memory, and take advantage of the four cores in this computer. Two hard drives inside the tower, one one-terabyte SATA hard drive and one 500-gigabyte SATA hard drive, so you’ve got one and a half terabytes of storage space inside of this tower. It also has a Blu-ray drive, DVD-RW all in here, it’s got a TV tuner, it’s got a gigabit LAN, it’s got a GeForce 8600 GT video card inside with 512 megabytes of memory, and it’s all here, and it’s just pretty, you know, i’m going to call it ‘rad’, actually, is what this thing is. It’s got card slots for every single type of media card you could throw at this thing. I mean, we’re talking about CompactFlash, the larger cards, Smartmedia, SD, MMC, they’re all there, so you’re going to be able to use any of the memory cards that you have. Right between them you can see right there that’s the infrared port, that’s going to be used to communicate with the media center remote that comes along with this thing, and it is a very nice remote control, i’ll show you that in just a second. Right here, this is the combo Blu-ray and HD-DVD player, and also a DVD burner. So you’re going to be able to watch your Blu-ray movies, you’re going to be able to watch your HD-DVD movies, and you’re going to be able to burn all of your DVD movies and all of your DVD data discs, all with this drive. There’s also room to expand so you can add one more drive if you’d like to, right there, we also have one of those HP pocket media bays, this will allow you to add one of the small form factor HP media drives, but it also has one of the full-size bays located right over here, so you can use that. You can sort of see it. Trust me, there’s a bay there. I wouldn’t lie to you, right? And then over here is where you’re going to find all of your front-in connectivity on this machine, and it’s got a lot. Up here we start with the Firewire port, and it’s right up front, so you can get to that, there’s also another one around the back, you have two USB ports up here on the front, you’ve got your headphones and your microphone ports on the front, and we have some A/V in options here for doing all of your video capture, right/left audio composite and S-Video in. So this is going to be good for hooking up your video camera, hooking up even your console game machine if you want to be able to use this as kind of an overall media center, you can also hook up any external video devices to this computer. Now to control all of the media functions inside this machine, it comes with a very nice remote that is able to control basically everything that you could possibly want to control in media center. It will be able to do all of your DVR-ing, it’s going to be able to allow you to browse all of your videos, setting up live TV, the built-in guide that you’ll be able to access from this, and it also has quick-access buttons to get to all of your music, internet radio, all that stuff, all from this remote control. The computer also comes with a wireless keyboard, completely wireless keyboard, and it’s really, really nice, we have eject buttons over here on the side for your two drive bays that are up at the top, of course we only have one drive installed in this computer, but if you add a second drive you will be able to eject it from here. All of your media control buttons are over here, and all of your quick launch buttons are over here on the other side, where you’ll be able to quickly put the computer to sleep, get to all of your help, get to quick launch for internet, and for e-mail and for searching the web and for getting help and it’s all there on this and then at the top is where you’re going to find your volume control and your mute control up here at the top of the wireless keyboard, and it also comes with a wireless mouse, and it’s a very nice mouse, actually, it’s got a very nice weight to it, and it’s an optical mouse and that comes with it as well. So now let’s go ahead and take a look at the back of the HP Pavilion Elite M9260F. Over here, we’ve got lots of things, lots of places to plug things in. No shortage back here at all. Up here, you’re going to find a 56k modem in case you think you’re going to need that somewhere, sometimes we need those back home in Kansas City, so it’s right there. Right here you have an FM antenna, because it does have an FM tuner built into it as well, which you can access through media center, so you can get to all of your favorite over-the-air radio stations, but it also has a port for your cable and for your digital television right here. It also has an S-video on the back as well, and another left and right audio input on the back. Now this is your 8500 GT with 512 megabytes of memory, it’s got a DVI port, an HDMI port, and an S-video output right here, now this is good that it has an S-video output because if you’re going to be using this machine for doing a lot of video editing with the capture card and with that really, really fast processor, you’re also going to be able to use this S-video and this HDMI output to be able to output this thing to things like disc burners or to videotape machines so you can get your video off the computer and onto tape if you really want to. You also have your 7.1 surround sound right here, gigabit ethernet, four more USB ports, and that other firewire port that I was telling you about just a few moments ago. And down here at the bottom is where you’re going to find optical audio in and optical audio out, plus your old school PS/2 ports for your keyboard and your mouse in case you want to use a wired keyboard and mouse with this computer instead of the wireless ones that come with it. And also your IR blaster control is right over here, it does come with a couple of the IR blasters to plug in there, so you can use the machine to control all of your other components that are in your home theatre system like your cable box and your tuner– your amp, all that stuff… You can control all of it with your IR blaster through media center which is really, really nice. Let’s go ahead and look at the inside here. Right here… and also the top here, i’ll show you this… this is actually for cable management, you’re able to open this thing up, run your cables that are running to the front of the computer through here, latch it down, and it wil be running down to the back. That’s for all the IR blaster cables and all that stuff. So on the inside of the machine– and it’s very easy to pop off, just one thumb screw and the panel comes off, this is the layout- i’m sure you want to see that, i’m sure you want to see this beast disrobed, and this is where the magic happens. Let’s go and look at the cards… right up here is where you’re going to find your TV tuner card, and that is a PCI Express x1 card, right here is your 8600 GT, and that is an x16 card, and the modem is up here at the very top and that’s actually a standard PCI slot right there. There is one PCI x1 slot available in this machine when you get it out of the box. Now, inside, back here, you’re going to find your four RAM slots, you can sort of see those back there… let me pull this aside. All four RAM slots are occupied by one-gigabyte DIMMs, so if you want to upgrade this machine to the eight gigabyte max you’re going to have to swap all of those out, actually, but it is going to be pretty easy to do so. You can see that it’s really easy to get around inside this machine. This is that internal drive bay that we were talking about, the media drive bay, right behind that is where you’re going to find your two internal hard drives, one of them being a one-terabyte SATA II, one of them being a 500-gigabyte SATA II, for the total of one-and-a-half terabytes of storage. So yeah, this machine is a total monster. I would, you know– I’d kill for something like this, it’s awesome. You’re going to be able to do all of your gaming, you’re going to do all of your TV watching and DVR-ing, and heck, you can really do it all at the same time because it’s got that serious Core 2 Quad processor and four gigabytes of RAM built into it. So this machine is serious, it’s going to be able to get it all done and it’s going to be able to get it all done well. Four cores, Core 2 Quad, 2.6 gigahertz, four gigabytes of DDR2 memory, one-and-a-half terabytes of hard drive space, a Blu-ray player, an HD-DVD player, a DVD-RW drive, a TV tuner, gigabit LAN, 8600 GT with 512 megabytes of memory, it’s all there and it’s all inside. The HP Pavilion Elite M9260F, don’t actually slap your sister when you get it, please. To get more info on this slap-happy HP Pavilion Elite M9260F, go to any of the retailers listed here and type in P101-10001. For ComputerTV, i’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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100 thoughts on “HP Pavilion Elite m9260f Intel Desktop PC

  1. It has a mediocre graphics card in the nvidia GeForce 8600GT. However, it will play every modern game but not at at the highest settings. If you're a casual gamer, this would be sufficient. If you like to play games at high perfomance, I suggest you upgrade the graphics card and power supply.

  2. HA! I've almost got the same last week. I just kept my old screen and took the 4890 (hesitated with the 260). But my hard drive has problems so I can't use it. I'll be on my old comp I've bought 5 years ago until it's fixed. Can't wait to get my hard drive back all new!!

  3. WTF?… Is this video out of date? The CPU isn't even advanced the process is just medium the ram is okay and the graphic is normal it just has big HD but this is no where near the top of the line computers

  4. Was considering a new iMac but for the $2g+ price this PC seems far superior + HDMI port to connect to Plasma TV. YES!

  5. I'm the same way on the HP Pavilion Elite HPE-180t with a i7-920. I really like the resolution in the 27" on the iMac i7-860. However, I'm having a hard time adding another thousand to have that option. I the iMac i7 is great but the PC will be much more loaded and cheaper. Then I can still run Vegas Pro, Sound Forge, and those other expensive pgms I bought in the past. I haven't heard of anyone having luck with them in Boot Camp either. Dual boot is a bother anyway.

  6. It should be illegal to have that bad cable management, people should stop mistreating their computers like that. I'm serious, really.

  7. @Lilsexyz1 I have this computer to 8 gb , i got 23 games on my computer and i can run everything on max out . and i dont get any lags. I can play bad company 2 maxed out and it still runs as smooth as it does on lowest settings

  8. I will never forgive Gateway for getting my computer order wrong twice. Then two years after I used the computer I realized half amound of RAM was in there that I ordered.

  9. Does anyone know if I can drop a intel i7 in this without changing the motherboard or do i have to change the motherboard to accept the cpu? i suck at computers

  10. @Manutd2456 Yup, just check your disk drive first to see it it has four small lips around the inner edge. These keep the disk from jamming if tilted on its side, if you have an x-box look at its disk drive as a reference. Other than that there should be no problem unless you have a very old water cooling system. Hope this helps…

  11. I use vista on this 1 and I got another for just house use and I put 7 on it and the 1 with 7 is slower both have 8gb of ram and both run off of wi-fi lol

  12. Have one of these….starting having hardware problems right after the warranty ran out. Go figure. But they basically did a shitty job of putting it together, gave me a shitty graphics card and w7 wasn't out at the time so I got stuck with vista. With all the problems I'm not inclined to buy HP again. They really don't seem to care about quality.

  13. mines better

    Processor: AMD FX(tm)-6100 Six-Core Processor 3.30 GHz
    RAM: 6.00 GB
    Windows 7 home premium

    Hp Pavilion HPE h8-1200z

  14. It's easy to upgrade for cheap or free, if you know what to do. Just do some research, get educated.You don't need a computer technician that will charge a lot of money. You can do things yourself, if you just educate your self. 🙂

  15. what i cant figure out is how do you change the dvd drive from the old pendtium d 820. its got pretty much the same set up as this. cant figure out how to remove the front panel to pop out the drive. because the case is just 2 pieces. with one piece being the side that pops off.

  16. after building a pc for my self, i could well vomit at the inside of this. but, then again, it is probably never going to be opened by your everyday com=nsumer. and i laughed at the asus cooler in a hp pc!

  17. Decent internal specs, but the small, cheaply made tower case with horrible cooling is counter-intuitive. Also, I'm having a lot of trouble finding a bigger, higher quality tower that will fit this motherboard. It's kind of like putting what's under the hood in a mercedes into a toy plastic car.

  18. I had this pc in 2009 and still using it. It is trash now. I need another pc 🙁
    It was a good in 2011 or 2012. After 2012 it started to lagging and become worst pcs ever.

  19. +TigerDirect I have two beeps and to fix it I am currently trying to open it but the screw wont go away and please, could you tell me how to help me with this please?

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