HP EliteDesk 705 G1 Desktop Mini PC Quick Review (4K)

Hi guys, it’s Yi from Dove Computer Solutions here with a quick review of the HP EliteDesk G1 705 Ultra small form factor desktop As you can see it’s a really small, minute device Really suitable for space saving solutions. As you can see, the back We’ve got two display ports VGA, two USB 3’s, two USB 2’s the gigabit ethernet power and a Kensington lock. It also comes with the stand. So you can stack it up vertically on your desk or underneath. It looks quite smart. There are other accessories available where you can also place your device underneath the desk directly underneath the desk itself if you wanted to or the back of the monitor with the screw holes available to you. So the actual device itself is really easy to open up there’s a thumbscrew at the back which we just un-do I find it a bit easier to turn it over and then pop it out that way the cover, so you can see pretty we’ve got the SATA SSD on top the memory is at the bottom so to open it up, all we need to do is undo the two cable connections the one at the back of the SATA and the power. there’s a little flick device that just opens up the SATA SSD underneath is the memory module so it’s expandable from the default 8GB to 16GB Best business desktop yet. The 705 G1 Includes the latest AMD processor with Radeon graphics It’s optimised for your workspace and minimises your energy consumption. All in all, a great business desktop. Thanks for watching this video Hope you enjoyed it As usual, click on the like button below comment or subscribe to our channel, thanks!

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