How To Use MPC Software Timestretch Sample Process | MPC 2.7

what up, what up, what’d it do what it is
hope all is well with each and every one of you the end of the year is is upon us
holiday season is upon us the new year is upon us all as well hope the holiday
season greet you all with all the things that you accent afford all jokes aside
though happy Holidays to each and every one of you
Happy New Year may the New Year open windows for you doors and may continue
on your road to success this video I’m touching on something that I’ve touched
on several times in live streams in videos that I’ve uploaded the time
stretching in the NPC software the NPC lab the NBC X some people are still
having difficulties with the time stretch mechanism again it’s not the
best but it’s workable as long as you know how to work it all right this is
the last time that I’m I’m touching on this so for the people in the back where
people to the front please pay attention okay one you need to know how you need
to know what the BPM is of your sample of your loop whether you take it from a
vinyl whether you are using a sample pack whether your loop pack vocals it
doesn’t matter you need to know what the BPM is within the MPC software and the
MPC live and MPC X you can calculate the BPM as long as you know how many bars it
is in one bar there are four beats right in two bars there are eight beats pay
attention so as long as you know how many bars or
how many beats you you’re one step ahead of the game
okay now I’m gonna randomly just drop anything in here I have a sick spicy
Sunday’s loop at value in 41 opened up I’m gonna just that sounds hard
that’s tough shout out to C and P boom imma drop that in there CNP told me that
this is 141 BPM right he told me that so boom I’m inside of the sample editor get
into the habit of changing this from samples to beats right you can do it in
your MPC live and MPC X as well so now we know that it’s 141 I trust CMP right
he told me that if you took this from a vinyl if you took this from a sample
that the BPM is not attached to it inside of the software we can calculate
the BPM okay now it automatically calculated at 117 CMP
said this is 141 now watch this this is hard this is first time linear
in this one all right so now count you wanna count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 – particular practices click do not think about this one and then it
back to the one right so boom so now it’s 32 there’s 32 beats in this so that means it’s like it’s a
16-bar loop right so right here which says from bpm change the the beats right remember it
was saying 117 right so now we know it’s 32 beats it’s saying 70 point 50 what is 70 point
50 times two people the people in the back the people in the front
what is 70 times 50 it is let’s see seventy times 50 is 141 people is 141
all right that’s that’s that’s one way
so say now you know that that’s what the BPM is
right so you got that now over here in functions
go down says time stretch in your MPC live at
MPC X it will be underneath process right there’s time stretch CSS process
sample you will have all these functions to do go to time stretch and ask you the
number of beats you put that in it’s 32 matter of fact it automatically detected
it for me right the original temple is seventy point fifty what I want to
change it to say I want to change the – I don’t know 120
hey do it oh then do it one two zero they do it
now it just changed it from 70 to 120 back to the original
you is that simple right is is is you know
is not R it is really not rocket science now when you chop up your program right you know you could do manual some people
like to do the manual some people do the threshold
some people do regions some people do BPM i’ma do BPM for you right boom now super simple super super easy cmp
don’t like when people chop up their samples with this particular one he
already chopped it up crazy this is the first time I heard cmp go in like this
this one is dope this first time I’m hearing this one matter of fact I’m
going to save this because I’m gonna cook this up probably not right now but
later on um yeah I’m gonna save this one oh we have 2019 now I got that say all
right so boom you want to go to new program
Pat parameters do it now you got that boom you go here change this program go
to program edit once you’re in program edit
how much bars is that see it’s still saying 14 so what you want to do is you
want to select all on the edit zone select all
up here in work you want to change that to work now still nothing remember its 70.5 zero hit
enter see that it changes said well that’s goofy alright charms to
it alright go up to 141 up to 150 so 150
well 5-0 all right
now how much bars was that 16 and above 16 hit record I hope that was a little sloppy that was
a little sloppy of me but what I’m gonna do is just do this they read me duplicate that right right so now if I change this to
something stupid like 175 and there you have it right so it’s
super simple is not rocket science don’t make this more harder than it has to be
you have to learn your equipment you have to learn your software a lot of
people spend money on their pcs some people just own the software you have to
learn your your software it’s the only way you’re gonna become great at what
you’re doing right there’s no sense in complaining about it and saying it
doesn’t do this it doesn’t do that either you know I do that a lot too when
it comes to the MPC software I do be shooting at Akai a lot but when it comes
to the time stretch it’s it’s here you know I’m saying you just got a rock in
and know how to look at it right and that’s a fault of Akai – cuz they don’t
do a great job at explaining things and a lot of the stuff is all over the place
and if you’re coming from different this is your first time using the MPC and you
don’t know anything about it you’re not gonna know exactly where to look and
then if you’re coming from somewhere like studio one for instance where it’s
so easy to do it for fruity loops or you know the likes of many you’re not going
to uh you’re not gonna get it the other thing too I’ve shown it I’m gonna show
one one more again again and delete this real quick per say you want it to use
the audio I do not duplicate the reason didn’t mean to do that so you I mean you want to drag the audio
in same it’s the same deal got the the BPM right here you got to know what it
is alright as you can see if I change this to 141 see that the it changed uh
the the work work market I take the warp off same deal alright
and if I uh say if I was to do this right here I just wanted I just wanted
that if I go here and I do that you right so many different ways to do the
same thing inside of this the MPC software that’s why it’s a little it’s a
little bit much for you but again this is the last time I’m doing the time
stretch thing for forever unless they change it dramatically in any new
updates for currently in a 2.7 I’m having difficulties connecting my
controller well connecting my MPC live-in controller mode for whatever
reason is not working for me it is what it is I reached out to a kind it’s been
two days they haven’t they have an email they haven’t called I don’t know what
what’s up with that but it is what it is we still going back how we been alright
this is your first time here thank you guys so much for being with me this far
in the video please do subscribe again this is the end of the year so enjoy
your holidays and make your new year be fruitful and joyful to success y’all
keeping yo CNP this one is dope imma go ahead and I’m going to cook it up
cook it up off-camera though because I’m Way over time you know I mean I might
come back with another video cooking this up I love and like till next time

7 thoughts on “How To Use MPC Software Timestretch Sample Process | MPC 2.7

    Intro: 0:00
    Calculate BPM: 1:50
    Spicy Loops Vol 41:
    Change from samples to beats: 2:50
    Automatic Calculation 3:30
    From BPM Usage: 4:25
    Functions – Sample Process: 5:28
    Program Chop: 7:10
    Program Edit: 8:24
    Audio track timestretch: 12:50
    Final Words on timestretch: 14:25

  2. One thing I did forget to mention is to make certain that your timestretch preferences are set to ELASTIQUE PRO (Best) it is located in your settings under general. I go over this in more detail in an older upload. Enjoy.

  3. Man good video. What’s sad is that for a sample company they should be ahead of the game. The time stretching on BeatMaker3 as well as Ableton live is better. Maybe that’s why they wanted us to collaborate with Ableton.

  4. There's an easier way. Just go to time stretch and select the beats until it matches the tempo. If its off cut off points until it matches. Also anyone who samples should have a metronome on their phone (it's easier than tap tempo on the mp imo). This music shit is all numbers

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