How to Use Laptop Computers : Laptops vs. Desktop Computers

Hi on behalf of Expert my name
is Don from Friendly Computers and I’m here to tell a little bit about laptops today.
Some people may wonder why would you buy a laptop instead of a desktop, well that’s a
personal question that comes down to your individual needs. So today we’re going to
talk about some of the advantages and disadvantages of laptops and today right now were going
to talk about portability. One of the best reasons to buy a laptop is you can take it
where you go. Many times is great if you travel if you have school and you like to have your
computer with you, if you use it for work and at home laptops provides the ability to
do all of those things. They can be carried around in a comfortable little carrying case
with handles with shoulders straps with all the compartment that you need for all of the
things you want to have with you and because there light weight and small and come in variety
sizes there one that will fit almost any body’s needs as far as weight and screen size. This
partial one is middle of the roads size it’s 15.4″ screen and as you can see its plenty
big from most computer users. Now they comes as small as a 12″ screen and as a large 17
or even a 20 but then again portability becomes the real issue. One of the things you can’t
do with a desktop is to pick it up and take it on the road because of the batteries. Laptops
operate on a battery and when you choose a laptop you pick one that has a sufficient
battery life and enough options to keeping it charge that it will work for where ever
your going. If you travel you may want long battery life you can use it in your car. If
your taking from work to school than battery life isn’t important because it can be plugged
in, in either case.

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