How to use Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop

it used to be the getting onto a
computer remotely required all sorts of possibly complicated software and
technical know-how these days it’s a different story allow me to introduce
you to Google’s chrome remote desktop getting chrome remote desktop up and
running is actually really easy oh and is completely free too first just
install the app onto the host computer you’ll need to open up the Chrome
browser then find it in the Chrome Web Store and follow the steps to install it
once it’s installed open the app and give it the permissions it needs to work
then decide whether you want to set the app up for someone else to access your
computer for remote assistance or if you want to set it up for your own personal
remote use here we’ll cover the latter the app may then prompt you to download
and install a secondary host program go ahead and do that next you’ll have the
chance to create a custom pin you’ll need that and your regular Google
account credentials in order to get in and with that you’re all set as long as
your computer is on and Chrome is running in the background which it
generally should be you’ll be able to sign in from another device just open up
that same chrome remote desktop app on any other desktop computer or open the
remote desktop mobile app on an Android or iOS device once you sign in you’ll
quite literally have your desktop at your fingertips you can click or tap
move around and type as if you’re using the remote system directly from the
mobile apps you can pinch to zoom in or out on the desktop and use two fingers
together to scroll up or down and you’ll find an on-screen keyboard and trackpad
for any type of input you need

7 thoughts on “How to use Google’s Chrome Remote Desktop

  1. Any tips on how to keep Google Remote Desktop from Disconnecting you when using tools such as the brush tool in Photoshop?

    When I select the brush tool, Chrome Remote disconnects me saying the software is using an older version.

    Chrome remote will not reconnect until I go to the remote computer and click off the brush tool. The same thing happens with the clone tool.

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