How To Upgrade Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 (FOR FREE)

Hello everybody how are you doing this is
MDtech here with another video. Today we will be looking at how to upgrade to Windows
10 from Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 for free. Now Windows 10 is still in the Technical
Release phase of development so it has not been released to the public
as a final build yet, which is expected to be released later this year. But if you
want to get your hands on the technical preview now here is how to do it. And also on a side note once Windows 10 is released there
will be a point in this video that will be very similar if not identical
to the process that Windows 7 and Windows 8 upgrade users will be going through. So this
review will still be relevant once Windows 10 is
released. But as of right now Microsoft has not finalized the release of Windows 10,
which is designed for developers and hobbyist. It should not be used on productive
machines that are required for personal use or buisness as there could
be crashes that could damage or even delete some files so make sure you back up
all of your important documents before upgrading to Windows 10. It does not matter
if it is the technical release or the final build. I would always suggest backing
up your files especially when you perform a operating system upgrade. Now in the URL
address bar type in Now we need to sign into our Windows Live account.
I am just going to sign into mine right here. Now it is important to note that
you need a Microsoft account in order to access and download the Microsoft preview.
As of now the system requirments in order to run the Windows Technical preview
is a one gigahertz processor or faster and atleast one gigabyte of ram, 2 gigabytes are
recomended at a minimum. And you have to have atleast 16 gigabytes of free harddisk
space avialable. And you also have a microsoft account and internet access in
order to get the technical release preview from Microsoft’s website. Okay so if you have
not already made an Insider it may ask for you to go through a few additional
steps but eventually you will get to this page saying “Welcome
Back, Insider”. So now we have access to downloading the technical release build
and what you want to do is go down towards the bottom of the page and under Windows
10 Technical Preview select “Get Started – PC”. And now you have to scroll down
here. Click on “Get The Preview”. And now “start upgrade now”. Now depending on the
browser you are using this may look a little bit different but since we are using
Internet Explorer we are going to go down here and click the run the button. What this
will do is initate the download. What is important about this download is that it
will communicate to Windows Upate to download the Windows 10 technical preview. It
is through Windows Update that we will be upgrading to Windows 10. So now we will click
on yes. Now once this is done downloading it
will ask us to restart the computer. Now this is the first upgrade version of Windows
that does not require an installer to be mounted to a CD or USB or another type
of media. It is a more automatic process that is completed through Windows Update.
Obviously they are trying to attract more users to Windows 10 and not only is Windows
10 going to be a free upgrade for the first year for Windows 7 and Windows 8 users
but it will also be a lot easier for less experienced users to be automatically
be upgraded to Windows 10 if they are already recieving Windows Updates automatically.
So like I said the computer is going to restart here. Once the computer is rebooted
I will be back. Hello everybody Windows has restarted. Now from this point on in the
review the installation process of upgrading to Windows 10 should be nearly identical
to that of the technical preview that we are upgrading to today. We see that
it is about 2.2 Gigabytes so it is a very, very, very large update. It would be very
hard to mistake this with any other patch Tuesday update you may get from Microsoft.
When the final version is released Microsoft will likely get rid of the Technical Preview
part of this title. Now depending on the size of your computer. Now depending on
the size of your harddrive and the speed of your computer it will vary how long this upgrade
will take. We can see that is already moving and we are already at 6 percent. So
I will come back once the update is finished downloading and I will be right back. Hello
everybody I am back. Now we have Windows 10 technical
preview setup pop-up here. It says thank you for signing up for the Windows 10
technical preview. Now select “Let’s Get Started”. Now I would suggest that anybody
installing this reads the release software licensing terms (or end user license agreement).
But I will just click accept. Right now it is checking our PC to make sure we meet
the system requirments for an upgrade to Windows 10. So now we see that the update was
successfully installed. Now it is suggesting we save our work and they are going
to keep our apps, files and programs so they will be ready for us to use after
the upgrade. It appears we could schuedle the upgrade but we are going to start
the upgrade right now. Okay so it is restsrting our computer and it will launch the Windows
10 installer once we begin booting back up. So as the computer
is restarting we can see that Microsoft is currently upgrading our
operating system. They call it a configuring update for Windows 10 Technical
Preview. So this will be different come the final release of Windows 10. Hello
everybody the computer is starting back up into the setup files for Windows 10.
We can see that our Windows 7 administrator username is right here so that has remained
intact. I will click on next to continue the installation. Basically we are
going to use the express settings. We are going to keep everything default. Now
if this was my own personal computer I would actually go through some of the settings
to make sure that everything was just how I liked it. I know there are
some things about privacy that can be customized in the settingas
like do not track on website and cookiesand all of that kind of stuff, geographic
location tracking. So I would definitely recommend going through the cutomize settings if this
was your own personal computer. Now we are just going to fast forward through
this section and I will just keep it up on the screen I do not know how long
this will take. We can see that we are now installing some drivers for my microphone
and appears to be speakers on this virtual machine. And we see that our computer
shortcut that was on the desktop for Windows 7 has been chanegd to the Windows
10 icon. Just ignore that one popup there. We can also notice that our desktop
backround has not changed after upgrading. And there we go guys that is pretty
much how you upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows 10. I would imagine the process will be a
little quicker once the final version is released and the servers are running at
a much greater demand. And pretty much upgrading through Windows Update is going
to remain the same, or should remain the same through the next year as all Windows 7 and
Windows 8.1 users will get free upgrades to Windows 10. As of now for one year following
the official release of Windows 10 which has not occured yet. I hope you huys
enjoyed tyhe video and I will talk to you later. Bye.

100 thoughts on “How To Upgrade Windows 7/8.1 to Windows 10 (FOR FREE)

  1. Hello da to make an upgrade from win7 to win 10 even without NX it's all

    Here is the procedure:
    Download Windows10Upgrade24074.exe
    It starts to verify your pc and when you write everything but the CPU is not a NX
    This installation is best done through Task Manager (Task Manager)
    This file expanded you to hdd C: Windows10Upgrade
    Hole and find RESOURCES
    You can find the hole there AMD64 and i386 in these folders just leave these files BIOSBLOCKS, HWCOMPAT and HWEXCUDE other files delete it all NX to verify the CPU and when you run the file WINDOWS10UPGRADERAPP it is all

    It was me that I wrote NX and I deleted NX subory in those folders and started to upgrade my win7 to win10 and the problem was solved by NX

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  9. Para fazer a migração correta do sistema operacional é melhor usar um cd de formatação ao invés do download pela Microsoft.

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