How to update your TV’s software over internet – Philips Android Smart TV [2017]

if your TV is not been used for a while
you might want to check if there is any new software update available the
easiest way is to upgrade via internet you can do this by pressing the home
button on your remote control then go down to the settings tab and select update software now select search for updates in this video we will be using
the Internet to search for updates so select Internet the TV will start searching for new software online when you software has been found select update and press ok and follow the on-screen instructions to
activate the upgrade this may take several minutes so take the opportunity to sit back and relax while you wait during the upgrade process the TV may
reboot several times don’t worry this is normal you can now enjoy your philips TV
with the latest software updates to check your TV software version and
model number press the home button go down to the Settings tab and select
update software now select current software info and
press ok congratulations you have completed the
software upgrade now you can enjoy using your smart TV with great performance

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