How to Transfer Premier Pro Project file from one computer to another

hi guys welcome and today I’m going to show you guys how to share your Premiere Pro project from one computer to another so this is a very simple method and I’m going to teach you guys how to do this so let’s get that guys so first what you have to do is go inside Premiere Pro and open your Premiere Pro project so which is my Premier Pro project and then click On file and file and Bellow you will find a project manager click on project manager and this window appears then what you have do is a sequence window can actually you could check all of them you know it is better to check all off them but in my case I only need seen 01 full v or one will be and there’s a problem if you check all and so then next you have this option you can check exclude unfilled clip and check include audio control files include preview file rename media files to match clip names then you are this resulting project then you have two options this one is a bit more you know advanced we don’t need this really need collect file and copy to new location your destination path choose your folder where you are where you want your project to be saved in my case it’s EYouTube project select folder after that it will display disk space available this is available space in your disk and if you press on calculate will get the original size of your project and if you have enough space then click on OK I’m clicking on OK to go for the smaller loading it depends on your file size and after that completed you want to go to your folder where you save your project so this is my folder you do project and here you are copied saras completed that’s the name of my project because Saras complete is the name of my project and copied will be also be there your copy name of your project and inside that project you have so many files these are all the files that I use in my project in you know one premiere pro file to transfer to other computer you have to you know you have to transfer it to your this folder you know you have to transfer this folder to your next computer and what you have to do is go inside this folder and double click on the premier pro file now if we just you know double click and here it goes you know there will be a small delay but it will load with in 1 or 2 minutes after that we’re all fine so this is how we transfer premier pro file from one computer to another so thanks for watching and to guys next time

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  1. hey, I did all of this stuff but I get an error message on the next computer saying the file is corrupt or outdated, any ideas?

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