How to start Open-Source Project – Episode4 – get Sponsors for your project

Hey guys so far I have discussed about how to start your own open-source project and also how to monetize your project as well as sustain your project Thanks a lot .. who had subscribed to this Channel guys welcome to The Linux Channel in this episode I would like to discuss about how you can get sponsorships for your project and .. this should be a sort of .. part of monetization episode but I really thought let me just cover about it in a separate episode so that you can get some more additional information covered in an exclusive episode something like this so when I was doing my project sometimes you know .. they have .. various companies have seen my efforts and you know they have offered sponsorships and it has been you know really beneficial to me at that point of time and you know they have really given sponsorships at the right moment and with that I was able to get additional equipment and test equipment and also to kind of push my code into the kernel-space and so on so .. it really depends you know in your case also the sponsorships you know you may get sometimes directly from CEOs or CTOs somebody who may got inspired by your work and they may think in terms of sponsoring your effort so it really depends sometimes you may get something like in-bound opportunities and sometimes it really depends you know you can take your agenda towards and you can approach you know any known contacts .. or any companies .. or such kind of establishments so that you get sponsorship and you know through those funds you can really get additional equipment and .. also resources to sustain your project(s)

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