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Steph: Hi and welcome to HP How-to For You, HP’s customer support vlog. I’m Steph and this is Bill and we are here to bring you tips, tricks, and how to information to help you get the most out of your HP products. Bill: And today we’re going to set up the OMEN by HP accelerator: transforms your current PC into a gaming monster. Let’s go over the ports on the back of the accelerator. The first port is your RJ-45, that’s your network port. You have a thunderbolt port next, that’s what you connect your notebook to, to accelerate it. You have the type C-USB and then you have some super speed USB’s as well. Depending on the video card that you put into the accelerator, you’ll have some different ports. This one has a DVI. There’s two display ports next to each other, HDMI, and then another display port. Depends on the video card and it could be different. Let’s go on to the inside of this guy. It’s a quick release latch here on the side. The side opens up and rolls off really similar to the OMEN X. And we’ll go right inside real quick here. You’ll see the power supply, also see the video card that’s right here. And then back up in here you’ll see the hard drive. Through the magic of film making, we have set everything up on the table here so that we can now connect all our devices. We have the OMEN accelerator that we’re gonna connect to the HP Spectre X360 convertible, and the display we’re gonna use is the Pavilion 27C. The first step is going to be to install the software. Step one, in the quick setup guide, takes you to Once you install the software, which we already have on the Spectre, you’ll want to connect power to the OMEN accelerator, as well as connect the display to the OMEN accelerator. Once you do that, you’re going to take the thunderbolt cable and you’ll connect that to the Spectre, or to your notebook, and what you’ll see here is the OMEN accelerator powers on. We should get a new thunderbolt device detection on the pop up here, which we will then “OK” for the thunderbolt. We’ll say “yes” to allow it. Once it pops up, we will select “Always Connect,” ’cause we always want to connect this. Click on “OK” and that authorizes the HP accelerator
to be connected any time via thunderbolt. Now it just detected the local disk that’s inside the accelerator and we’ve extended the displays. So, now we have the ability when I open up, we’ll just open up File Explorer to show you that you have a new drive out here that’s the local disk. And we’ve extended the displays right over to there. That is the OMEN Accelerator. Now if we had some games installed on this PC, we’d be able to start playing those right now. The graphics card is connected directly to the monitor, so that the graphics processor is taking care of all the processing. Those are the steps to set up the Accelerator. There’s other options that you can do as well, remember that you can get the Accelerator with just the power supply in it. That means that if you have a spare hard drive laying around, the 2 1/2 inch size, you can put that in, or a video card of your choice that you can put in there as well. There is a list of video cards that are compatible with the Accelerator, check out the website. That tells you also the dimensions, because each manufacturer has slightly different dimensions of their video card. The heatsink elements, or the cooling elements might be a little bit different, so you want to make sure that those fit. The last aspect that I wanted to show you is that you can take the video card and the hard drive out, it’s very easy. There’s a latch here on the side, as I showed you before. You pop that. And the lid comes off. You want to use two hands to take that out. The graphics card is held in by three screws. All of them are spring-loaded, so that all you have to do is undo the screw here, the screw up here, and this screw here. The next phase that you do is you just unplug the card from the power source. The bracket, once we unscrew the bracket. I already loosened those up to make it easy. Slides off and out, so that holds the graphics card in there. And then just like any graphics card, there is the release on the PCI slot, back down in there. So, I’ll push that. And the graphics card comes out of the unit. And there you have it. The second part that we’ll show you here is the hard drive. Hard drive removal is very, very simple. There is a single screw, right down here, you can see that. We’ll go ahead and loosen that screw. That one again, spring-loaded, so that it was, will not drop down into the case and get lost. The other piece here is, it’s going to slide out and up to give you the opportunity to disconnect the SATA. Then it’s just going to be taken out of this sleeve, and you can replace it with whichever one you want. Steph: And that’s a wrap! You can find more videos just like this on our YouTube channel at You can also find us on Twitter and Facebook at our support channels and on our HP support forum at Bill: Steph: You can find us and other people just like you answering questions about your HP products. Both: Bye!

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