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Steph: Hi, and welcome back to HP How To For You. I’m Steph and this is Bill, and we are both
employees in the Customer Support organization. Bill: Every two weeks we are going to bring
you tips, tricks, and how-to information on how to use your
PC a little bit more efficiently. In our second episode, we are going to talk
about PC start-up. Steph: Yes, so let’s get started. In our last episode, we talked about the Windows
10 release, some of the new features, and how to get around. We also talked a bit about the audits we were
conducting on new Windows 10 PCs at the factory. So today, we are going to share some of those
tips on how to best set up your new PC for the first time. These are some of the same steps that Bill uses in auditing to make sure the PC is running correctly. We are going to share those with you today
so that you can do the same. Bill: So you bring home your new PC, it’s
nice bright and shiny, you take it out of the box, you plug in the
keyboard, the mouse, power… If it’s a tower like this, you plug in your
monitor, but this is an all-in-one, and those are the things you plug in. Nothing else. You power it on and you go through
the out of box experience, or OOBE. Steph: OOBE! Bill: And what you do during OOBE, is just
set the PC up. You’re going to accept all the license agreements, you’re
going to give it a computer name, you’re going to do a lot of the things that
are on the screen right now. So we’re just going to go through this real quick. Now you’re at the selection for region and language. And we’re going to go ahead and select Next here. This will apply those settings. The next one that will pop up on screen is
the license agreement. We have the Microsoft, the HP, and the McAfee
license agreements. Then you’ll get to the register screen. And we’ll click here for your name, and
we’ll register this one as How To. Go ahead and click Next. Then we’ll get to the PC name, and we’ll
call this one an Allin1. And then it’ll detect any networks we might
have, we’ll go ahead and skip that step. And use our express settings. And put in a user name. Steph: That’s a lot of stuff to fill out. Bill: It is. But, that’s your basics. Steph: Awesome! Bill: Yep, what we’re going to have now
is it’ll finalize settings and take us to the desktop. Once we get to the desktop, you wait for five minutes. Steph: Five minutes? Bill: Five minutes. Steph: That’s a long time! Bill: It is. Steph: What are we supposed to do in that
amount of time? Hmmmmm… Bill: Time’s up! Steph: Well it’s about time! Bill: So now that we have waited for five
minutes, we’re going to shut the PC down. Steph: Shut down? Not restart? Bill: Shut down, not restart. Steph: Alright, got it. Bill: It’s really important that we do it
this way because it gives the PC time to install all of its drivers and complete all the processes
so that the PC is set up all the way before we try to add stuff to that. Steph: Okay, so don’t install any devices
until after the second boot, correct? Bill: Correct. Because once we start installing things, like your printer, your scanner, or things like that, we want to do it one component at a time so
that we can make sure that that component, whether it’s your printer, your scanner, your network… that it’s working correctly. Steph: So one at a time, to make sure that
they’re all going to do what they need to do. Is there anything in particular that we should
start off with first? Bill: Absolutely. If you haven’t connected
your network, that’s what you want to do. So if it’s wireless, connect your wireless
router, if it’s wired, just plug the network cable in and you’ll
be up and going. Steph: Awesome, and then can we install the printer? Bill: That’s when you’re going to install the printer. Steph: So I can write my first novel? Bill: Absolutely. Steph: Awesome. Bill: So you can finally get all your peripherals installed, and you want to make sure that as you do that,
each one doesn’t have any issues. Steph: Okay, so key for the day is to be patient! Bill: Patience is a virtue. Steph: Yes, it will all pay off in the long run. Bill: Once you get all you peripherals installed,
your software, then go ahead and change the settings for
your PC. You can change your desktop, you can add a
screen saver… Steph: Oh, like pictures? Bill: All those cool things, yeah. Steph: Oh, awesome! Of my dog? Bill: Of your dog! Yeah! And that’s it! That’s the best way to
start your PC to get the most out of it. Steph: And after setup, we recommend that
you open HP Support Assistant and scan for any kind of updates. If you can’t find HP Support Assistant on
your computer, you can go to to download. This is a great software program designed
to keep your computer in working order and prevent any potential problems. It will also scan your PC and automatically
detect and install the latest software and drivers available from HP. It will really help to keep your PC up to
date after your initial setup. Alright, thanks everyone. That’s a wrap
for this episode. You can follow us on our YouTube channel or check out the HP Support Forum at Let us know what you want to hear about in
our future episodes. And check out our next episode in 2 weeks
where Bill and I will be at the HP Social Care Global Meetup in San Francisco
bringing you some how-to tips and tricks directly from
the experts of the HP Support Forum. Bill: That’s right! And a really big shout
out to our HP experts. These are customers just like you across the
globe, participating in our forums in seven different languages. They’re responsible for the majority of
our answers on the HP support forums. They do a great job and they’re volunteers. It’s awesome. They’re just spectacularly awesome! Steph: You guys are so awesome, and we have
actually enjoyed meeting all of you while we’ve been here in San Francisco. Because through the magic of filmmaking, Bill: The magic of filmmaking… We’re in San Francisco right now! Look,
the Golden Gate Bridge! It’s awesome! We’re having a blast! Bye, see you next time!

32 thoughts on “How to Set Up a New Computer: HP How To For You | HP Computers | HP

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