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Restore your HP computer to a previous working state using System Restore in Windows. Before making any changes, save any work, and then close all applications. Select Start, and then type Create a restore point and select it from the results. On the System Protection tab, select System Restore. In System Restore, select Next. Select the restore point you want to use. If you are having problems with Windows, choose a restore point from a date where you know Windows was working properly, and then select Next. To view all available restore points, select
the check box next to Show more restore points, and then make a selection from the list. Any programs that were added since the last restore point will be deleted, and any that were removed will be restored. To view the programs and drivers affected, select Scan for affected programs. Take note of any programs that you might want to reinstall or uninstall after the recovery completes, and then select Close. Select Next, confirm the restore point, and
then select Finish . Since System Restore cannot be interrupted, do not proceed without having enough time to perform the restoration. If you are restoring an HP notebook, plug
in the power cord directly in the computer. Select Yes in the prompt to initiate the restoration process. Follow any prompts to finalize the restore
and return to Windows.

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  1. Hi! I have a question totally unrelated to the video. So I wanted to reset my computer and I believe it failed and it asked me a question but I don't remember. Then when I turned on my computer it said"product information not valid" I Also can't log in to Windows. What do I do?

  2. Hi! Like an year ago, when i needed to go sleeping, i shut down my windows 8 and the next day it said: the windows did not start normally then it said: sometimes restarting the computer will fix it. When i restarted the computer it said this:
    Error C0000034 when setting up the update feature 29/79499 (_00000…)
    After that i would not be able to turn on the computer

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