36 thoughts on “How to Replace Your Hard Drive

  1. Uhh, replacing your hard drive won't solve your problems. You should be proactive and take care of your computer in the first place, and then you won't have to spend the money.

  2. How Do You ADD Another Hard Drive? With The Same One You Already Have Still There, I Have 3 More Spots To Put Some But There Are Only One Set Of Wires For The One Already There

  3. they could have imaged the old HD to the new HD, and skip backuping and reinstalling the operating system….welcomme to Howcast 2.0 😛

  4. Heres another way you can do this:

    Step #1 Turn the computer off.
    Step #2 Pull out any attached wires (quick tip: be very gentle, they tend to snap after applying few tons of pressure).
    Step #3 Pick up a sledge hammer.
    Step #4 GENTLY smash your computer until the Hard Drive pops out (quick tip: if it doesn't, buy a new computer and repeat the last 4 steps).
    Step #5 Pick up and throw the old Hard Drive at neighbors window.
    Step #6 Place the new Hard Drive at the old ones location.
    Step #7 Enjoy!

  5. Well… that WOULD work if I were able to remove the OTHER SIDE of my computer case which irronically, Isn't fixed in place with SCREWS I CAN REMOVE WITH ''ANY'' EASY ABLE TO FIND SCREWDRIVER. Anybody know where I could find a… ROUND SCREWDRIVER? Yeah… ROUND! How can you even get a grip with a ROUND END screwdriver?

  6. @xo46oup I didn't know about it until now, but… yes. I think that might be what I'm looking for, but isn't it meant to permanentely pop the rivet into the metal plates? So… how can I remove them if they're meant to be permanentely fixed? Does the pop rivet have a reverse function? I don't know about you, but other computers I've seen, don't have rivets holding the metal case of the machine, they have screws. Maybe, because rivets CAN'T be removed. I don't actually know, but it could be why.

  7. I have a cpu with a 120 g hd. I want to replace it with a 360 g hard drive. I lost the system backup disk. If i put in the new hard drive will it even start up?

  8. Stop trying to be a smart ass, I've built gaming computers and I did right, I had a great cooling system, good antivirus, my computer was always clean, updated and virus free and my hard drive still decided to give up on me

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