How to Replace the CPU| OMEN by HP 873-0000, OMEN by HP Obelisk Desktop PC | HP

NOTE: Only certain models in this platform series support the configuration of the following components: glass side panel, dust cover, liquid cooling system, lighting control module, LED lighting bar. Before you begin: Remove the access panel. Depending on the configuration, remove the system fan and heat sink, or the liquid cooling system. Removal Gently press down the CPU load lever and then push it to the side, away from the CPU socket, to allow it to rise to the spring-loaded position. Lift the load plate off of the socket. Grasp the edges of the CPU and carefully remove it from its socket. Replacement Hold the CPU over its socket in the motherboard and align the golden triangle at the corner with the corresponding triangle marked on the motherboard. Place the CPU into its socket on the motherboard. Swing the load plate down onto the socket. Push the CPU load lever down and then sideways to secure the CPU.

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