How to Repair a DEAD Computer power supply PSU fault troubleshooting and repair

Let’s try to repair this PC . Remove the cover insert the plug Push the “Power On” button remove the plug and start disconnecting the Power Supply cables remove the Power Supply screws remove Power Supply from the PC case insert the plug to the Power Supply to see if it works with a wire connect the Green wire with a Black one If the Power Supply works the Fan must be spinning this Power Supply doesn’t work , let’s open it up remove the 4 Screws Let’s check the Fuse and the Fuse is burned remove the circuit from the metallic cover eww it looks so dirty clean it with a brush remove the burned Fuse check the Fuse again i saw this Diode was broken let’s check the other Diodes before we put a new Fuse they all look good replace the broken Diode Find a new matching Fuse and solder it in place Read the numbers on the old Diode and find another with the same Name solder the good Diode on the circuit i don’t see any other physical damage and i’m going to power it , to se if this was the problem or it has something else broken or burned If it has another problem the Fuse is going to be burned again screw two screws to hold the circuit in place black wire snapped and we have to solder it again Plug the Power with a wire connect the Green wire with a Black one The Fan is spinning .. Looks like good news Unplug the Power Ops i’m too messy Screw the other 2 Screws Screw the Cover restore Power Supply to the PC case Connect all the Power Supply Cables Plug the power and push the “Switch On” button The Processor Fan is spinning Thanks for Watching

22 thoughts on “How to Repair a DEAD Computer power supply PSU fault troubleshooting and repair

  1. If you know ANYTHING about electronics repair to start, he shouldn't have to say a word!

    Those of you who need to hear an explanation of every move have NO PLACE INSIDE A COMPONENT THAT CAN KILL YOU!!!

    The fuse is always the first thing to test if the cord is not the problem. This fuse is blown and I didn't even need to watch further.

    He lucked out. It's usually the output capacitors to die. But this was just an example as the power supply in question is too old and weak to be any good on a modern system.

  2. Someone has warned me to NOT open the CPU to blow away the dust. Let it rest for a couple of hours. As there can be electricity in there? Is it dangerous? How would you go about it? I've seen people hit the power button when it's turned off to discharge.

  3. I've got a blown D103 on an HP p6214y power supply, I don't know what part to replace it with. Any suggestions for a generic pwr supply replacement diode?

  4. brother i do the same but i only change fuse
    earlier when i switch on my ups to on pc its some sound like. blst and my house mcb down kind of shot circuit i open smps and change the fuse but again its blast and house mcb switch down plz tell me how can i repair it and the components

  5. hi there bought my son second hand xc-215 acer power button flashes white fan kicks in nothink else could or some one please give me some help dont want to just go at it seen videos saying capacitors its not that i was putting anti virus on don't know if it just broke same time or not thank you mark

  6. hlo sir, mera smps v dead hai ,mene check kiya to ,fuse or diodes v ok hai ,fir v smps on nahi ho raha ,kya solutions bata sakte hain sir plz…

  7. Good to watch and you obviously know what you're doing. That said, it's probably cheaper to buy a new ATX PSU than repair a damaged one.

  8. my power supply isnt faulty, i switched it to 230 watts and it fried either the video ram, or the video card (it is all integrated)

  9. yes you did repair this psu but there is more to check if you want to make sure it works for longer than just a few moments like in a switching psu it is most often the capacitors that can open or short then you must check the voltages to be sure they read correctly there are also other things that can go wrong but on this unit it would be cheaper to buy a good psu than to fix that one. but it is your money and time so?

  10. That's what happened to my ATX. The fuse blew and my rectifier is bad. I had to order a new rectifier. I hope that is all that is wrong with it.

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