How to Remove the Motherboard | OMEN X by HP 900-200, 100 and 000 Desktop PC

To remove the motherboard, first remove the side cover, system memory, the CPU water cooler or CPU air cooler, any graphics cards installed in the unit, the wireless LAN board and the CPU. If removing an Intel CPU, install a socket cover on the load plate window before replacing the load plate over the socket. Remove all connectors from the motherboard. Make sure to disengage the wireless LAN antennas from their cable guides on the motherboard and clear them from the edge of the motherboard. Detach the eight Philips #2 screws that secure the motherboard to the motherboard bracket. Carefully tip up the inside edge of the motherboard and remove it from the unit. Place the motherboard in an antistatic bag. To install a motherboard, tip the rear I/O connectors of the motherboard into their cutouts on the rear of the unit and align the motherboard into place, clearing connectors out from under the sides of the motherboard. Secure the motherboard to the motherboard bracket with its eight Philips #2 screws. Replace all connectors to the motherboard. Make sure the wireless LAN antenna cables are routed into their cable guides on the bottom edge of the motherboard.

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