How To Record Video Games with Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Today, someone from the
Video Creators community is going to walk
you guys through how to use the open
broadcast software, how to set it all
up so you can record your screen– your
video game footage or whatever you’re
doing on your computer– along with your microphone,
and a little square of you from your webcam– little
video of yourself also. That’s coming up. Hello people from
Video Creators. My name is Nathaniel,
I’m 19 years old, and I’m living in Netherlands. Maybe you can hear that from
my accent and I think you can and that sucks, but I
can’t do much about that. I have a YouTube channel
called Nathie944, also known as
Nathie, and I’m doing a lot of gaming videos on that. And I’m also doing a
lot of virtual reality. So if you want to take
a look at my channel feel free to do that. There’s a link in
the description. But anyway, today I’m
going to give some tips or you could also call it a
tutorial about Open Broadcaster Software and now you
think, what is that? Well, Open Broadcaster
Software is a program that you can use for video
recording and live streaming. And now you think like,
how much does it cost? It’s completely free
so that’s awesome. So a few attempts of what
you can do with this program are you can record your screen
so you could do a screen capture, you can do
some tutorials with it, you can show your
YouTube channel as well. And you can also
record your voice so you can record
your microphone and edit a little bit, so
that’s also really nice. And you can use it for
recording your games. And that’s the point
I want to talk about so let’s go to the program
and then I will show you how to set up a little video
with a game, a webcam, and also a microphone. So let’s take a look. So this shows what
Open Broadcaster looks. Looks kind of boring I know
but if you know how it works, then it’s really, really cool. First of all, we are
going to the settings because before we record
a video you always have to check out the settings. Please notice that I’m going
to go through this really quick because it’s a lot of work
to explain this in detail. So we are going to go
through this really quick. First of all, put your
language on English or in your own language. Put Setting Profile,
put your name here. I keep it on untitled
because it doesn’t really matter what you fill in there. Also enable cursor
over projector. That’s also really important
so put it on as well. Click on Apply and let’s
go to the second one. Encoding. So, the encoding should be on
264 because it’s an MP4 file and you can edit it
afterwards really easily in Adobe
Premiere for example. So that’s why I
would put it on that. Do the quality balance on
10 and then turn on CBR. Put the maximum bitrate on
8,000 and enable the CBR padding as well. Put the codec for
your audio on AAC, the format on 48 kilohertz,
and the bitrate on 192, and the channel on stereo. So then click on Apply
again and then let’s go to the Broadcast Settings. The Broadcast
Settings are really important because
with this you choose if you want to
live stream or you want to record something
on your computer. So I would choose
for File Output because I’m using this
for my recordings. I’m not using it
for live streams. So let’s click on File Output. Choose your file path where
you want to save the files. I have this one. And then you can also choose
your start recording hotkeys. I’m not using that as
well but you can use this. It’s really easy then you
can just click one button and then you are recording. So click on Apply again
and let’s go through Video. On Video you can
choose your video card. Choose NVIDIA or whatever
your video card is. Choose for the base resolution
for full HD so 1920 by 1080, choose a resolution downscale. You are not downscaling this,
just keep it on full HD. If it’s lagging or going slow,
then choose a lower one here. Click on the filter on Lanczos
best detail, 36 samples. This has to do with pixel so how
the quality is of your video, I would put it on
the highest one. Put your frames
per second on 60. If you’re gaming I would
even put it higher. But this is just a basic one. And if you are doing
some screen capturing, I would put it on 30. Disable Aero is also a
really important function. Keep it on if you are a gamer. Then save it again
and let’s go to Audio. Here you have to put
on your speakers. It’s in Dutch
here, Luidsprekers, but in English it is
speakers, of course. So this is speakers,
put it on speakers, and your microphone
should be here. So choose your webcam microphone
or your normal microphone, depends on what you have. Turn it on there. The rest here is not
really important. You can change
some settings here but I’m not really using them. So click on Apply again. Go to Advanced. If you are doing
this the right way, then your video
is almost perfect. So, click on Use
Multithreaded Optimizations, click on Process
Priority Class, put it on normal scene
buffering on 400, allow other
modifiers on hotkeys, put encoding profile
on high, use CFR, allow 61 to 120
frames per second. If you want to have
more frames per second, you have to turn this on because
then you can change it here on video, you know. So the rest of those settings
here are not really important. You can experiment
with them a little bit if you want to try them out. Save it again and
then you can also change your microphone a
bit with the noise gates. So if you have too much
noise in your microphone then you can change
a little bit here but I already did that so I
don’t have to do that again. So that’s all the settings
you have and now we are going to the fun part
because the program still a little bit boring, you know. So what you have to do
here is add a scene. So you want to add a video here. Click on Add Scene and fill
in your YouTube channel or however you want to call it. I call it Video Creators
because this video is on Video Creators, you know. So I’m adding it here. Now click on Preview
Stream because you want to see your scene. And as you can see, it’s black. You don’t see anything. You can only see the
audio moving a little bit and also my speakers
so this is what you hear on my monitor
or my computer. So we don’t want to have a black
video so let’s add a source. So you can add a source,
you can choose out of a monitor capture, that
means it’s your screen capturing and you can also
choose for game capture and that’s what we
are going to do. I click on Game Capture. You can call it a name as well. I call it Game Capture. And now you can choose a
program that you want to record. So I’m going to choose my game. I have a game here. It’s called, Don’t Starve. Now I click on OK. You can change some
stuff here as well. I would just keep it like this. Now we have a game
as you can see. But now I only have the game. I also want to add a webcam
or face cam to this video. So what do I have to do? I have to go to sources again
I have to add a new source and that’s going to
be the Video Capture Device because that’s my webcam. You can choose your webcam here,
you can change a lot of stuff here as well. I would just keep it like
it is and then press OK. As you can see, you see my face
right now and it’s really big. So what you do is you
click on Edit Scene and now you make it
smaller like this. It’s moving a little bit. So you can put it in the corner
like real gamers do, you know. So, I have it in the
corner right now. Now press Control L and then
keep it like that and then you can crop it a
little bit as well. So, this is my whole
set up already. I only have two scenes. You can have even more stuff. You can even add images. So I could add an image here. Wait a second, let’s just
add a random image I have. Let’s see if it
works on my logo. Here. Well, I can put it here as well. I can put as many
images or web cams or whatever I want in here. So if you’re happy
with the results, you can stop
previewing it and then you can just start recording the
video and now it’s recording it and then stop it again. And then you have to file
and then you are done and then you can edit
it in Adobe Premiere or another program or
just upload it immediately to YouTube. That’s also possible. So yeah, that is my tutorial. I hope you liked it. And now I have a question
for you guys of course. And that’s about live streaming. So are you using a
lot of live streams? If yes, then how
are you interacting with your subscribers? Because sometimes you are
live streaming for hours and then you have to keep
them watching your live stream and sometimes
that’s really hard. So I would like to
hear from you guys what you are using to keep
the live streams interesting. And if you’re not using
live streams, then why are you not using them? I’m also curious about that. And why should you
subscribe to Video Creators? Well, it’s because this channel
has so many tips and tricks for your YouTube channel that
you never heard about before. And if you are really
listening to their tips and you are using
them for your channel, you are really growing
and see the difference and people get more
happy on your channel. So it’s really to grow your
channel and it’s really nice those tips. That’s my opinion about it. But anyway, this is it. Those are my last words. I’m kind of emotional
right now that I have to end this video
but yeah, that was it. And well as I always say,
and I see you guys next time.

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    The dankest of omelettes.

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