100 thoughts on “How to Pull Images from Satellites in Orbit (NOAA 15,18,19 and METEOR M2)

  1. Made an updated version of this video that looks at a much better satellite and gives images of the entire planet at once. Check it out:

  2. This is cool as hell !!! I've been meaning to pick up a hack rf….i wanna know what everything is that floats thru the air !!

  3. Please, how do you connect your radio telescope to your SDR sharp, I have been trying but its not working very well, what should I do. And is there anywhere we could talk one on one I have a serious project on ground

  4. Nice video. Because you had to calculate the satellite's pass it's obvious they are not geosynchronous. Have you tried to get data from any of them? In other words free satellite tv? Are any of you hams?

  5. Hi guys.I have tryed this but dont work for me…I live in italy…I have made a v dipole on 50 ohm cable…Everything in open camp..Can someone help me?Pleasee

  6. Is there any way u can make a huge marker in the middle of nowhere so when u fo it again the satalite can take a picture of tu iur marker ?

  7. If their was that many satellites then why would we need 90% of communications to use cables under the ocean???
    Also , most phones are simply a better radio!

  8. I remember weatherfax on HF on the shortwave bands i messed with it in the 80s and used a commodore 64 and amiga. It took well over 5 minutes or more to get a pic. but was often very noisy.

  9. The funny thing is , why when NASA has a live stream space walk . You never see all the satellite's that are supposed to be out there . Either the amount of satellite's is a lie or NASA is lying . Maybe even both of them !

  10. I am going to take an educated guess that the thumbs down asswipes are Flat Earthers with a penchant for B-Grade religious documentaries from the early 1970s…

  11. For straighten wire: put one end of the wire in a vice and pull the other end of the wire really strong with a pincer. It straightens automatically in a perfect condition.

  12. Wait… EVERY second? Even when you had to take a massive dump for like an hour, but weren't near a toilet?"

  13. Want to get some aerial imagery? Go to a website called earth explorer. Its is maintained by the U.S geological Survey group. It has some pretty cool satellite imagery

  14. I am floored that these geniuses do not know about Amateur (ham) radio. We do this!

    for antenna ideas see:
    1. Arrow Antennas
    2. Eggbeater sat antennas
    3. Elk Antennas sat
    4. Homebrew your own satellite tape measure 2m/70cm antenna

    Longwire antennas
    1. G5RV & RV junior
    2. Buckmaster series
    3. Chameleon CHA EMCOMM II
    4. MFJ series

    Any of these would have helped you.

    CAPHATS see
    HiQ 8 element

    discontinued but still work

    Kenwood VCH1 or KVT 10 Interactive Visual Communicators
    I own several………

  15. Wow. That "background" music is SO annoying and makes it very hard to figure out what you're saying! (When viewing at 1.5x speed or faster. Does anyone actually watch YouTube videos at normal speed?!).

  16. You can straighten wire by taking a long run of it, putting one end in a vice, holding the other end tightly with pliers, hold the wire with slack, then with one hard movement yank the wire really hard. We use this method in aviation to straighten safety wire.

  17. Satellites in orbital drumming is a start to a end of the monopoly fears we have with either reddit or youtube comments.

  18. So nice…Good job! How about service? No internet needed for images? Why is it that sailors still don’t have free access to weather reports?

  19. When i had a satellite dish, you needed the transponder number(decryption key) to decode the video signal. It was basically copyright protection of the early 90s so people could not intercept free MTV and DISNEY. It was really easy, i think it was only 8 bit. Now there are no laws protecting the content on those satellites if you "accidently" figure out the right decode. There is also dual band signals that require two antenna, and other satellites that use lasers to relay a signal to different data sata for transponding elsewhere on earth….. good luck with those sats.

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