49 thoughts on “How to Play Blu-Ray DVDs with Windows

  1. step 1. don't be lazy and walk over to your 46 inch flat screen tv to watch blu-ray instead of your 10-20 inch computer screen.

  2. I'd rather get a video card that has video inputs so you would plug in the blue ray just like you would plug in a vcr or dvd player geesh..a lot cheaper and you wont need all tahte xtra hardware including a new monitor. you people are terrible

  3. The only thing holding me back is the software. With all the constant updates needed for the software getting a 'free version' seems nearly impossible and there are is not free alternatives i can find. GODDAMMNIT, what a scam i'm not paying another 100 bucks for a glorified video player program.

  4. If you didn't realize, that was a regular DVD+R, not a Blu-Ray. DVDs can be double sided. Your comment is ignorant.

  5. ugh i hate whenever i search for a how to video and run across howcast or expert village. if the problems i have could be solved with these vague tutorials i would be drooling into a cup instead of installing a blu ray drive into my pc.

  6. dear holy batman what use is this….if people have the software drive and drivers they would not need a tutorial to use them unless they had the braincell of a nat

  7. This is BULLSHIT!
    I bought a Bluray drive to play BLURAYS in my COMPUTER!
    But now i have to buy SOFTWARE ASWELL!? What the fuck?

  8. I'm with you.
    I bought a Bluray player hoping to watch some good movies i have at home but now i have to pay a HUNDRED DOLLARS to watch it? What kind of bullshit is that?

  9. Until vlc releases support for bluray I just download a new version of powerdvd off tpb and I haven't had any problems

  10. Oh you mean I have to BUY something? oh right i have to pay to watch a movie that I PAYED for on a drive that I PAYED for, riiiight I should have expected that when I bought my drive… I guess my faith in the industry of media was yet again, irrationally rational.

  11. Was this supposed to be funny? If you just want hits try to actually do something interesting or worthwhile instead of fishing for people that really need help with something and wasting our time.

  12. I have a hp flat screen monitor hooket up to my DVD blue ray it's not hooked up to my tower I can't get Eney sound is there something I can do To get sound?

  13. OK…
    First, I bought a Blu-ray disk for my PC.
    Then I found out I can't play Blu-ray on it without $oftware.
    Then when I buy the software I find out I need an HTPC monitor.
    Next, I expect they'll want me to buy a new universe to play it in!!!
    Just one more way for the industry to coerce us into buying ever more stuff.
    I'll go back to playing my Blu-ray disks on my PlayStation 3.

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