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To perform an HP system recovery in Windows 10, first power off your computer. Disconnect all peripheral devices and cables that are attached to your computer, except the keyboard, mouse, power cord, and monitor, if applicable. If necessary, power on your computer and remove any discs in any media drives. Then power off your computer. Power on your computer. In Windows, select the Start button. Enter HP Recovery Manager and select it from the results. If prompted by a User Account Control, select Yes to continue. Under Help, select Windows Recovery Environment. Select OK to reboot into the Windows Recovery environment. Select Troubleshoot, and then select Recovery Manager. If you have any files on the hard drive you
would like to keep, you must back them up at this point. Select the option to Back up your files first. If you do not back up your files, they will be permanently deleted by the recovery process. Select Next. Select the Auto Selection option To have Recovery Manager automatically identify the files to back up. Alternatively, you can select the User Selection option to manually choose the files and folders to back up. Select Next. Select the types of files to back up, and then select Next. Recovery Manager identifies all files to back up. When prompted to choose where you want to save the backup, insert a USB drive or external hard drive
into any available USB port on your computer. You can also use a blank CD or DVD if your computer has a media drive with write capabilities. Select the drive to save your files, and then select Next. Select Next to copy your personal backup files to the selected drive. The files finish backing up to the drive. Remove the personal backup drive or disc from the computer. Select Next. With the files backed up, Select Recover without backing up your files, and then select Next. Select Next. System Recovery erases all contents on the hard drive and then restores the drive back to its original factory image. This includes reinstalling all original software and drivers. The recovery preparation completes. Follow any prompts to restart the computer. System recovery might install software that was previously installed on your computer. With the software installation completed, the computer restarts. Follow the onscreen prompts to complete setting up Windows. With Windows setup complete, connect any peripheral devices and cables that were previously disconnected. To complete setting up your computer, HP recommends following these remaining steps. First, connect your computer to the Internet. Run Windows update to get the latest updates and security patches for your computer. Set up and install any security software. Make sure to update the software to get the latest version and virus definitions. Install any other applications. Copy any personal backup files that were saved during the recovery process to your computer.

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  1. Dear HP. I have done restorepoints to all my hp computers. Is recovery will bring back the computer performance back to the original and get rid off viruses trojans malvares?

  2. What do i do if i cannot click the System Recovery??? like it’s not color blue it’s color grey please reply ASAP

  3. If you have a problem to where windows or the Bios can’t find the Recovery partition (D: partition), sometimes updating the Bios can help you. It helped me.

  4. i delete my recovery about 16gb i want to restore it please can you give me link to download it i have HP Pavilion Notebook – 15-ab203nk (ENERGY STAR) please help

  5. When I booted from recovery disc it show me error 0×c00000e9 and in info it shows an I/O error occurred plzz help me to fix it

  6. ok i downloaded this for my shitty notebook that i am not able to use cause it is running slow as shit i put this on a flsh drive and i can not get it to pull this update from the usb i am using my desktop to put it on my usb drive and then booting to the drive but it says
    there is no media on drive and that bs cause i can pull it up on my desktop??????????????????

  7. Hi HP, how I would reinstall windows 10 with HP applications in another drive of my Notebook? (And save the recovery mode in the original HDD)

  8. Hey,
    Mine is showing disk error due to which I am not able to turn on my pc,it directly takes me too choose an option. I am unable to reset my pc!!!

  9. after doing recovery my laptop seems to be in a loop where it gets to 'welcome administrator' and then goes back to software installation. It has done this a number of times. Is this normal? How long should the whole process take?

  10. While doing recovery my laptop is stuck in a loop between welcome administrator and software installation, how long does it take?

  11. Hello, HP Computing Support Team. I am so glad watching this helpful video. But unfortunately, i can not find 'HP Recovery Manager' in Windows 10. When i type 'HP System Recovery' in Windows's column, i find nothing. Can you help me solving this problem? Thank you.

  12. It won't work for me it takes forever and it says administrator instead of my name for my domain log in…I can't get it back to my original system to log in with my pin number i always log in with…should I take it to a tech shop to get fixed?

  13. By following this process, is it only format C drive or entire hard disk?
    I have HP Pavilion 15 bc406tx laptop. My laptop has recovery partition. Is it required to create another recovery files on USB drive? Thank you in advance…..!!!!

  14. Does this process take hours? I've been stuck on the screen with the HP logo for about an hour. Not sure if it's working correctly or if I'm going nowhere. Seems like it deleted all the files and then went to that screen.

  15. If I wish replace my original disk with a new SSD, what I must to do in first step? how can backup and restore the original recovery image in the new disk? is this possible?

  16. Hello hp team, I have a problem : I can't click on "windows recovery environment" I mean the option is in grey and unselectionnable, I hope u will be able to help me.

  17. Dear hp, after trying to do a Recovery, at the end it tells me (the recovery attempt has failed) how do i fix that, i have the Recovery Media i ordered from HP customer service

  18. I had an infected OS and it mandated that I Format the OS drive and will take it back to work tomorrow to reinsert the HD.  How do I reach the Recovery Process from BIOS or BOOT?

  19. I can't access system recovery because its greyed out and im on a all in one pc (windows 10) and check recovery partion is disabled

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