How To Operate A Webcam

So, what I’m going to show you is how to use
a web cam. Now, first of all, what exactly is a web cam? Well, it’s a special camera
that connects to your computer that allows you see the images the camera sees, either
on your screen but also across a network on somebody else’s screen. Now, where it really
comes in on its own is video calling, so you can basically phone up your relatives in Australia
or America or wherever and have a video conversation with them. So, to be able to do this, there’s a few things;
you’ll need a computer, you’ll need a web cam if you’re going to be calling somebody
somewhere else, then you’ll need a network, an internet connection, but also you’ll need
a program to make that internet call with. So first of all, let’s take a look at a web
cam. So here’s an example of a web cam, and really it’s just a small camera with a cable
that plugs into your PC or into your Mac, this one here uses a USB connection as I think
most of them do, and they’re very simple to install and just follow the setup guide for
your web cam that you got from the shop. Normally, you put the web cam up on top of
the screen, and it’ll come with a program that you can use. So, here on this Microsoft
one – tada! And there’s me, on the screen, a bit scary as it is, but it doesn’t let you
make video calls to other web cam users. For that, you need a special piece of software,
and one of the most popular pieces of software these days is called Skype. Other examples include Microsoft Windows Live
Messenger or perhaps even Yahoo Messenger. Now, another thing to know is a lot of laptops
and even desktops these days actually have a web cam built in. Let’s take a look at one
of these. Now, this here is an apple Macintosh and you
can see across the top of the screen there is actually a web cam, and on a lot of these
you’ll see a little light comes on when the web cam’s active, that’s just so you know
that the web cam’s filming you. So, to show you exactly how Skype can work with a web
cam, I’m going to call my friend George. So to call George, first of all, I bring up my
contact list and I can see a list of people who are online at the moment which includes
George. So on the right hand side, there’s a little
green camera, so I click on that to start a video call. Here we go. So you can see now
that the green light has come on, on the camera and presumably my friend George can see me
and if I move my window about – there he is! “Hello, George”! So, George is actually speaking
to me on the iPhone, and a recent development is that from the iPhone 4 and above, it has
a built in web cam at the front so applications like Skype can use them in the same way that
your Mac or desktop works. You can make and receive video calls on-the-go.
And that’s really about it. It’s really simple to make a video call. I’ve just done it, and so can you. Keeping
up on new technology and becoming familiar with new software can be an intimidating task.
Videojug walks users through the learning process in a series of simple steps, making
it easy for anyone to start video calling today!.

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  1. H ! This is my first time to try using the webcam, So, in order for me to use it, I need a software? like Skype? And what about the O/S ? I have an old laptop Hp which is Windows Vista 64 Please let me know if you can answer this since I'll be communicating with my siblings in the Philippines,By the way this is Albert, retired and have been living here in America for 21 years now. Sorry, I can't upgrade my comp since I'm not getting that much, In fact, I don't have a high tech phone and just using a free one, the Obama phone. Thank you so much and I really appreciate whatever inputs you can provide, God bless!

  2. Can someone explain how to show what you see on youtube
    (example) if you were playing Roblox and you post the video how do they see your screen???

  3. Does this record what your doing on your screen? Because I don’t need a face cam I need something that records what I’m doing on my screen

  4. About a minute and a half of explaining what a web cam is, this prick just tells us to set up the camera using software. Wow, fuck you, man.

  5. this doesn't help me….How to Use your Webcam for Windows 7? I am not trying to use it for any calls or gaming I just want to use it to record me for video making… I contacted it to my PC but it doesn't do anything at all …..

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