How to Move from Open Source to SoapUI Pro in ReadyAPI | API Tutorial

hello welcome to ready API in this video
you will learn how to migrate from soapui open source to soapui pro soapui pro
enhances soapyui open source both products use the same engine to run API
tests so your open source projects will automatically load into ready API. you
can then launch them from the soapUI Pro tab no functionality will have been
lost and you’ll have access to a variety of pro only features to enhance your
existing or new API tests. now let me explain how these tests are represented
in SoapUI Pro. the projects tab contains all the API interfaces these
rest and soap interfaces are used in ready API to describe the structure of
your API it is from these API interface definitions that we can create
automatable api test scenarios with the professional features you can create
better end to end test scenarios for example you can add data sources to help
drive test coverage or drive your API requests using values in an excel file
or values directly from the database another thing you can do is chain API
calls together you can easily link values from one API to the next by
right-clicking and selecting get data you can also generate a variety of
detailed reports with ready API. you can generate printable reports so you can
share your test results with your colleagues you can also generate j-unit
format reports used for automation of your API tests. thank you for watching to
learn more about the extra features in pro please take advantage of our
documentation videos and online community at

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