How to Make Watermark Image in GiMP Fast and BEST TIP

this is the fastest and easiest
way on how to make a picture watermark first open GIMP and open or drag a
image file now from colors on toolbar, or right
click and choose color to alpha And automatically turns the solid color image, into a transparent image. This works by choosing a predominant color. Once this image has 3 or more colors we have to choose which color we want to
convert So I click this rectangle where it says: From to Alfha: And then I point to the highest percentage of white. now we can export to elsewhere and use
has a watermark on photos or on digital work I exported to my home screen and then I will open it with an image editor, to select and copy it , and then, with another image or photo, we can paste it in. and here it is, a very simple, fast and
easy way of making a watermark in a image image if this video was helpful, give us a
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