100 thoughts on “How To Install Linux Mint Alongside Windows | Get The Best of Both Worlds!

  1. I love this video and followed it to the letter; however, the evil empire aka Microsoft apparently blocks loading from the F12, my system attempts to load it then after some time I get the notification that the load was aborted and Windows goes ahead and loads. I'm finding this over and over with so many programs I don't want. Microsoft has lost me as a customer. For now, I guess I have to put up with it, but you can bank on me having my own computer made the next time and it will be Linux all the way. #MicrosoftIsEvil

  2. Great video with awesome instructions, but I'm so disappointed……..I followed this exactly to the tea, and it didn't work for me. I'm sad, but then I'm old too!!! LOL!!!

  3. I'm still very per away from Linux. There are lots of huddles and tools
    For example, I have a 3-partition acer and don't have the flash drive you mentioned

    By the way, it seems to me that windows is an OBEYER of the rules of the land. See how you use it to install its rival.

  4. Could someone help me please? I'm stuck at choosing installation type. It doesn't seem to give me the top option, where you can install it alongside Windows 10. The only two options I have are Erase disk and install Linux Mint and Something else. Does anyone know why that could be?

  5. 61 people have no clue about Linux MINT which in this great video you cannot Fail as it's 10 time's better since Windows -10 have forced there Upgrades to make any Laptop to a severe crawl, Mint is always a better option by a clear mile with either an ISO or USB to run both which now im on Linux Mint due to Microsoft's Madness & just work's very well 100%. Thank You Very Much For This Pristine Way To Use An Operating System And For Me Due To Having A Brand New Lenovo This Is One Great – Way To Use A System That's Double Reliable I Put In Last Year & Just Love It …..Cheers For Such A Clear and Consise Video That Is Much Better For All User's …10/10 …CHEERS

  6. del-uge https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/deluge for future reference because hearing mispronounced throughout the video was really annoying.

  7. Really easy to follow instructions, Iv just installed the latest version, Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa. Works a treat thanks.

  8. I want to ask,if I choose 2nd option erase all data on OS ,so will it effect the Hard drive local disk E or only it will erase local disc C ?

  9. helo there…u know what i m using linux mint and i want to install kali linux and also i dont want to lose linux mint how can i install plz i need help

  10. Very helpful indeed, but I have just one question. What happens when the Featurel update for Win10 arrives? Does it effect linux mint somehow or not?

  11. Install is saying it doesn't detect an operating system on the partition, so it's doesn't give the option to share space. But I have windows installed on it…. Any ideas why it's not picking it up?

  12. Ok… After reading all the comments, it appears that this does not work for about 80% of the people that tried it.
    They appear to get hung when trying to boot into Linux or the installation asks to delete windows10 with no other option.

    Further more, there were NO REPLIES from the creator of this video, or anyone else for that matter, about how to fix it.
    To me, thats 80 reasons out of 100 for a thumbs down.

  13. I want to install linux as main os like single boot and don't want to loosing my drives please give me any video link on youtube i can't find

  14. A couple points. Please make sure you have backed up everything on your Win 10 system and can get back to your old system in the event of a disaster.

    Also, things have been known to go disastrously wrong with the bootloader program. And when that happens, you may have to reinstall the old way that the computer used to boot Win 10 only.

  15. Doesn't always work. My Mint installation crashed about 90% of the way through. Apparently some problem with "GRUB." Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  16. Can i remove the hard drive I booted after the linux instalation is complete without losing the os?

  17. Why so convoluted and complicated??? all you need is to simply format a USB drive and install the linux mint ISO on it and then reboot while constantly tapping F9 ( or whatever key your PC uses to enter the boot choice ) then when started click on the the mint logo and decide whether to dual boot and arrange the size of the partition that you prefer…or simply overwrite Windows partition and just have Mint alone or both OS its your choice …you do not need Rufus or any other external apps…it is all provided in the Linux OS with the USB partitioner and the USB writer all in one place

  18. I don’t see the option for windows 10 ? You’ve replied to other comments can you help with this one ?

  19. Hello everyone!
    I have a question. Can I re-assign the storage space for both of the OS after I am done dual booting my laptop?
    Also, this is a really great video!
    Thank you for consideration.

  20. In almost all of these videos, the GB seem so much lower than waht I have. Just for my Windows 8.1 alone (not counting a few other small partitions for system and recovery, I had 900 GB! I am on a relatively cheap Lenovo desktop from 2012. Are most of these videos made showing laptops? is that why their GBs are so low? Initially, I did make my Linux partiton the same size as the Windows one, but, then I changed it to 40GB to leave space to install a shared files partiton and maybe one or more other Linux distros. Did I do the right thing?!

  21. Hello guys I am facing an issue. I am currently on the Linux mint OS which I have booted through a USB Flash drive on a Dell Laptop. The installation process a bit different form the video. There is no option while installing linux as shown at 16:55. Please help.

  22. Im lucky enough to have my motherboard have manual boot options it completely isolates MINT and windows 10 so I can install in whatever order. (loving life) Without risk of deleting something I shouldn't. Most motherboards can do this. BUT it can be a fickle tedious thing. I guess I was just lucky.

  23. Bullsh!t! Doesn't work with UEFI, so if you already have Win10 installed with UEFI mode it better don't waste your time for that "tutorial' – it won't work.

  24. To be very honest, twice I watched the video but couldn't install Linux Mint OS at all (your video is great but seems it isn't working for me). Always showed the problem into booting. Also verified and checked the OS before and after downloading. Now I cannot log into neither Linux Mint OS nor fully once operating windows 7. Sad. Anyone help me? (now trying Zorin OS or elementary OS). Please. Thanks.

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