How to install and configure Jasmin SMS Gateway

Hello! This installation guide is
for Ubuntu and Centos LInux’s Let’s star installation from
dependencies packages Curl, python and so on are major
requirements for Jasmin sms Curl and python are required for
adding Jasmin repos to host package
management Notices that required python is 2.7 After python and curl is installed
you can add jasmin repos with
curl+python command Then we can install Jasmin packages
through package management Now installation is ready
and service can be start Jasmin service can be automatically start Next we can connect to Jasmin sms server Next i will create basic configuration
for jasmin Use telnet to connect localhost port
8990 First create new connetor Set name, ip, user and password for it OK command will save these settings Then start connector Next check that conenctor is bond to
provider Then configure route to connector Last configure Jasmin http api user
and passiwrd Then testing Jasmin api to send sms Logs can be check for
/var/logs/jasmin Thanks for wacthing!
See you soon!

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