How To Install a SSD To Desktop PC | Solid State Drive Installation Guide

If you want to know how to install an ssd into your pc This video is for you And i am Shakeel in this YouTube channel I do product unboxings reviews and tutorials If you are into tech consider subscribing and lets dive into the video I am going to start with the things you will need You will need a sata cable, A sata power connector which comes with your power supply (psu) Some screws to mount it to the pc And a screwdriver And you are good to go There is a notch in the sata power connector It should align with this part of the ssd Where you can see there is some space Then you will be able to plug it in As you guys can see i have successfully plugged in the sata power connector Now lets plugin the sata connector There is a notch in the sata cable It should be aligned with the connector in the ssd After you plug it in properly you will be able to hear a clicking sound Now the sata cable has been successfully connected to the ssd Now you will have to connect the other end of the sata cable to the motherboard Locate the sata port on the motherboard which will look like this And then connect the sata cable to the motherboard, aligning the notch with the port Now i am going to install the ssd by aligning the screws with my pc casing You can install the Solid State Drive by aligning the screws like this Guys, Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel I am looking forward to bring more awesome content like this If you have any question we can discuss in the comment section down below See you guys next time!

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