How to get started with Automagica Open Source Smart RPA

hello there thank you for joining us I’m
Koen van Eijk one of the cofounders of Automagica and I’m going to show you
how to get started with your first robot in Automagica so let’s open the
browser and go to portal of Automagica click on the sign up now button you enter your name your email and a
password which should be long enough 12 characters at least and register now you end up in the portal in the overview where you can see your team’s the
members of your team’s they’ll get back to this later you can see your boss as
well click on the button to set up your first plot give your bottom name I’m
going to name my bot Wally and add it to a team create the bot
as you can see now your bot is available to your team it’s currently offline and
not connected to automatic app let’s follow the installation guide as this is
a new machine I don’t have Python available yet so let’s get started
installing Python first I open up the link scroll all the way down to the
installation files and I select the installer for my OS which is Windows around the installer now this is
important need to select at five in 3.72 path it’s really important to select
this install now so it tells me to open a command prompt
as an administrator and run the following command to install the
automatic a robot so what this will do it will install the automatic are open
source Python library and the robot so let’s open with Windows PowerShell as an
admin I right-click on the start button and select Windows PowerShell admin so let’s run the command they’ve been
sawed Automagica – you so once you’re finished installing
Automagica you can verify your installation by running it’s a magic ad
– – help as you can see I’m currently on version 1.0 0.8 which is at the time of
the recording of this video the latest version of automatica now let’s run the
other command basically this command contains a token a unique key for your
bot to authenticate with the portal this token is unique to this robot let’s pace
and run the command as you can see the PowerShell window disappears and I
receive a pop-up of the Automagica that it is connected as wally – Automagica and my browser automatically redirects to the overview in the portal
you can now get started creating your first Automagica scripts as you can
see here that the bot is online and you can see the working calendar for the robot this is all you need to get started good luck

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