How To Fully Control Your Android Device From Any Computer

your android let’s you do multiple tasks
like communicating with contacts organizing your contact lists, managing
apps, manipulating files and many more. Yet managing your Android device can also
easily get in the way of productivity if you’re working on your computer and you
frequently pick up your phone or tablet just to reply to messages. Thankfully
there are solutions such as ARDC, Aidroid, Vysor and many more.
ARDC is a free Windows application that can help you with displaying and
controlling your Android device on the PC. In this guide I’d be getting into
how to set up the ARDC and all it can offer. ARDC is an acronym which stands
for Android remote displayer and controller. it’s free and it’s file size
is very small and as a freemium based Windows application, it comes with no ads.
ARDC displays your phone’s screen over to your computer screen and lets
you control your Android device using just your USB cable or Wi-Fi. A desktop
computer notebook or netbook, unlike many other wireless solutions or remote
managers for Android ARDC doesn’t need you to install additional companion
software on your Android device because you can access ARDC directly from any
Windows PC. Android device, being a phone or a tablet. USB cable.
Your phone’s USB cable connection serves as the pathway between ARDC on your
computer and your Android device but you can then go further by activating its
wire-free access after. Download ARDC from the link below and place it
anywhere you want. I will place mine on the desktop as there’s no installer file
and therefore needs no installation. The first time you run ARDC
the app will prompt you with a message stating that you don’t have ADB installed.
ADB is an acronym which stands for Android debug bridge and is a tool that
Google actually offers for developers to debug various parts of their application.
Download ADB from the link below. Open the ADB folder, copy and paste all the
files into the ARDC folder. We can now run ARDC just
to make sure it doesn’t have the ADB error. launch the settings application on
your phone. Tap the ‘about phone’ option generally near the bottom of the list.
This is hidden behind the ‘system option’ in Google’s latest 8.0 version. Tap the
‘build number option’ seven times to enable ‘developer mode’. You will see a
toast message when it’s done. Now go back to the main ‘settings’ screen and you
should see a new ‘developer option’ menu you can access. Go in there and enable the ‘USB
debugging mode’ option. Change the’ USB mode’ to ‘file transfer MTP mode’. launch
the ARDC application and connect your smartphone or tablet to your computer
with the USB cable. ARDC should then connect to your Android device with no
error. Click the ‘file’ tab on the ‘menu’ bar and select ‘device window’ or you can use
the shortcut key ALT+D to get it in view. With your Android device already
connected, click on the Wi-Fi tab and wait for confirmation. You can then
remove the USB cable and ARDC should be still working.
Dragging any file onto the ARDC interface, saves it directly to the ‘download folder’
and this makes it a very fast way of transferring files between your PC and
your Android device. Capture screenshots. Record your screen
and you also have access to a lot of Android power user stuff like the ADB
commands and many more. The only real downside i encountered with ARDC is
audio. Audio will not route from your Android device to your PC even though
every other thing is, meaning that you will still be hearing audio from your
Android device and not the PC. You would have to gain a one-time connection to ARDC using the USB cable before you can activate its Wi-Fi solution, but after
that you’re good to go. It only supports Windows platforms. Do you use ARDC to
remotely manage your Android device? What do you like most about the application
and what missing features or functions would you like to see in ARDC future
updates. If you guys want me to get into details as to how to use the ARDC client,
share your thoughts in the comments section and as always thanks for
watching and I’ll see you guys on the next one peace

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