Hey! Gopro user… You just record something and your file is corrupted. Ha!This is to bat. That have just happen to me few minutes ago. But I find a way to repair this. You don’t need any software, you don’t need
any subscription except to YouTube. Here’s how it work. This over here, is my corrupted file. It’s unreadable. And this is what happen when I pass it over YouTube. So
like I said, the only thing you need is a Youtube account. By he way, this is my main channel. So can subscribe to it by clicking on the
upper right link. But let’s go back to the main subject. You want to repair your file. You go on upload, over here. I’m gonna take an other file as exemple because
it’s smaller. Just put you file here and wait for it to be uploaded. We’ll let YouTube make the job for us. And ‘m gonna set it as ”private” because
I don’t want anybody on my channel to see this. And then, we go on precessing. You don’t have anything to do right now. You just wait. And the processing is done. So now what you do is you go on ”My Channel”… And on video manager up here. Look… This is the video that I’ve just upload. It was corrupted and YouTube don’t care about it. Just wait few minutes for YouTube to be really
done with the processing of your video. And then, click here and go on ”download MP4”. And we just got it, unfortunately, the video
can’t be downloaded back to 1080P. But you still get it in 720P. That’s better than nothing hu! So!… Thank you for watching, don’t forget to subscribe
and see of course my main channel. Where I do funny stuff like this. And good lock with your video. Have a great day!

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