How To Fix Noisy Laptop Fan Laptop noise Fan Fix All Laptops

Hi guys Lenz here so I have this laptop
here and it is giving us a weird song coming from the fan and I’m going to
take it apart I’m gonna show you how to take it apart the brand is Hewlett
Packard so guys I’m gonna show you how to take this apart and if possible we
will remedy the fan problem I’m gonna go ahead and I’m going to turn this on so
I’m gonna go ahead and turn on as you can see that it is turned on so guys this laptop you can hear that
the fan is making a song they can be a possible jump where the fan is hitting
on something so we are going to check out the situation so I’m going to power
off the device I’m going to take apart this laptop and I’m gonna see how we can
solve this issue or if you would have to do a fan replacement okay guys so we took up at the back pad
for this laptop and here’s the fan and I’m gonna test to see if this is
repairable if it is not repairable we would have to replace this fan so I’m
gonna go right ahead I’m gonna turn on the laptop and I’m gonna observe the fan so the laptop is coming on it’s coming
on and the fan is spinning I’m not hearing any noise so the fan is working the fine seems
to be working perfectly now Wow so let me take a look the laptop is on and the
fan is working perfectly I’m going to go and I’m going to shut down the computer
and I’m going to start it up once more guys the laptop is now shut down and I’m
gonna go ahead and I’m gonna turn it on again now we can see that the light is
right here and the laptop is coming right on it is on the fan is spinning
and the fan is working perfectly so what can I say guys I am here in that song that we got in
the beginning and I’m impressed I’m happy as well and my theory is that
maybe the fan is being pressured by the back panel as just my belief I haven’t
heard that song that I got in the beginning and I know that you heard that
heavy clicking noise so what I’m saying here guys the fan is working perfectly
the fan is being obstructed by the back panel we would definitely have to make
some adjustment in ensuring that the back panel isn’t affecting the fan in
any way okay guys so what I did in the area in this area where the fan is I
apply pressure right here and as you can see I don’t know if you can see but I
apply pressure right here from inside just to make it a bit hollow and I’m
gonna try and I’m gonna put this back on and then I’m gonna turn on the computer
to see if the result is the same or if the problem is solved okay guys so the
fan is on and I’m gonna show you how the noise is being generated let me just wait for the fan to spin so
this is the noise that we will get in and that’s how the problem is being
created so what you can do the possible solution is put a dent in the back so
that the fan will have sufficient space to perform its duty oh you can cut out
the hole for the fan at the back but doing so the doing so will attract a lot
of dust going into your fan and getting into your device so guys with this
problem I would say that one of the solution is getting a new fan or simple
just remedy this problem also we can also elevate the metal piece here
elevate the metal piece so that the fan inside have sufficient speed to rooty
wrong than wrong so there are different solution that we can do to fix this how
am I gonna fix this I’m gonna put a dent in the back I actually started to put a dent here just please I’m gonna
continue so guys there you have it everything is working fine I put a dent
in the back of the where the fan is and that did the trick
so yeah guys subscribe to my channel for more videos and for more tech tips i’m
lenz and subscribe like this video share this on social media

45 thoughts on “How To Fix Noisy Laptop Fan Laptop noise Fan Fix All Laptops

  1. Hey I recently bought a new laptop and the fan is just excessively loud especially when gaming, it's so loud you can hear it from the other rooms. I opened the laptop and disassembled the fan, everyrhing seems normal. I just bought an aftermarket replaclement fan, is there any chance this one will be better quality and make less noise ?

  2. It would have been quicker to add a few self adhesive foam/rubber spacers, even a cardboard circle around the fan, simply to prevent the metal case from coming into contacting with it, or causing an electrical short against the motherboard. But to whack it into submission with a hammer, is beyond ethical service technicians guidelines! LOL

  3. hey my laptop is making weird noise like vvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv and when i put my hands on the laptop like rest my hands on it the sound dissapears and when i remove them it appears again my laptop is 2months old i dont think its because of dust can you help pls

  4. Bro when I opening my laptop it will making noise like your laptop how can I solve this issue even I can't run any videos, music, games and others even though it will making noise what can I do how can this possible i don't run any process while opening my laptop plzz tell me bro I have one question either it will solve by changing the fan or anything else to do something for that to fix this issue bro am I gamer my time is running through on games but I will not able to play games because it will make noise that will make me very irritating only for that I do not play games I will sometimes thinking about it while playing game will it blow up or not I am very afriad for that plzz help me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  5. I got the same problem with my laptop. The sound is exactly same as your laptop. Do you think it's possible to repair without change for a new fan?

  6. Thanks. I hope I can apply this to the Late 2010 iMac's left fan.

    How would you know if you want need to rewind a computer's fan and do you have a link on how to rewind the fan, if rewinding is the fix?

    Thank you.

    God bless, Proverbs 31

  7. HP needs to get their fucking shit together, as this seems to be a fairly wide spread issue in the last year with MANY of their laptops!!! I've been trying to fix this for months now on my HP Laptop 15 series, so thank you for actually showing me the fix. Next laptop will be an Asus or MSI. I'm sick of HP's anti-consumer and lazy, sloppy practices.

  8. I mean it gets the job done but surely there's a better way. Perhaps some thick tape around the fan housing so it creates the space!

  9. "I am now going to apply pressure" x) – at least it's fixed, i'm going to check if it's also a spacing tolerance issue on mine

  10. Update: Found a fix for some fans that simply don't want to spin anymore

    In my case it was not a matter of tolerances, the fan would attempt to spin but was stuck resulting in the grinding noise. So I dismantled the thing by simply pushing the rotor out of it's housing through the rear with my thumbs. I then removed any dust there was on and in it – but no luck – it was still not spinning properly.

    I then realized that it simply refused to spin because of the built-in plastic "bushing" that was pretty much dead, it was causing internal friction and with it's 2.5W operating power there's no way it could overcome it. So I peeled off the broken pieces and applied mechanical oil, and now it works perfectly. And by perfectly I mean PERFECTLY as i'm posting this 3 days after.

    HP omen CPU fans cost a fortune, but with 5 cents of mechanical oil I was able to fix the thing and now it's even quieter than it was storebought.

    I hope this helps at least one fellow human being ^^

  11. I have a 17 inch HP 4TT1C19R with an AMD A10-8700P Radeon 6 quad core processor. Do all HP laptops use the same cooling fan or do they use different fans for different models of laptops?
    Mine does make a buzzing sound when I start it up. But it will go away after the laptop warms up. Also, if I tap the side of the laptop, it may stop as well.
    Any suggestions?

  12. mine sounds like "GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR" really deep and noisy
    it sounds like a truck or a tractor and it's also a Hewlett-Packard laptop

  13. hello brother,,
    my laptop makes sound like sparks,,
    it sound like crr crr crr.. in between,,,
    not all the time,, but inbetween usage,,
    what should i do,,
    do i need to worry

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