How to find your WiFi password on Mac in 20 seconds

do you ever have a friend come over to
your place and ask to use your Wi-Fi and ask you for your password and you say
inside your head god dammit it’s on that little sticker
on my router upstairs behind the couch i’m going to show you a much quicker way
to get that password using only your mac so that you can not go upstairs so your
friend asks you for the Wi-Fi password maybe for your home or for a coffee shop
now you can be excited because it takes you like five seconds to find it i’m
gonna show you how so first you want to know what is the
name of the Wi-Fi that you’re on and mine is called annoying upstairs Wi-Fi
then you go into spotlight which is the little magnifying glass in the top right
or you can hit command space on the keyboard which is one of my other videos
and then type the first few letters of keychain access and then hit return to
open that and then in the top right you type the name of the Wi-Fi and then it
comes up and here you double-click it and now you click on the checkbox for
show password and when it asks for the password is actually asking for the
regular password for your mac that you use to login so you just type that say
okay and then it immediately gives you the Wi-Fi password so you can tell your
friend boom Mac epiphany if you dug that and
you want more head to to grab your free ebook the
top ten killer tips to speed up your Mac without spending a dime it’s in human language with no acronyms only asking for your password and you
say inside your head dammit it’s upstairs on the router.
you gotta keep it together my director is losing it already

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