How to download install and run Android P (9.0) on your computer – Tutorial

First, go to Google and search for Android Studio Click on DOWNLOAD OPTIONS and select the version of Windows you are using Install and run it Next, Install Open up Android Studio, you will find it in the Start menu Go to: Run, Run ‘app’ Press on Create New Virtual Device Select any device, and press Next As you can see, it will install Android P Click on Install Haxm Next Finish Next, and then Finish Wait a little OK Wait for Android 9.0 to load It is connected, let’s confirm it’s version Android 9.0 P confirmed All done!

32 thoughts on “How to download install and run Android P (9.0) on your computer – Tutorial

  1. how to do it with 32 bits like i got it installed then it simply sayed: start a new project what do i do?

  2. I installed it, but never got the option of being asked what version of Windows I have. Is it possible that I am doing a later version of this download and it just skips asking about windows?

  3. Can this OS pretty much be a stand alone OS on a PC and are there apps such as photo editing, word processing, 3d sculpting, backup, cloning etc for the Android? Thanks

  4. I fell of my chair when I heard Download Android Studio. Well I am now playing Pubg Mobile with your method. Lolz. Dreaming.

  5. my friend i have an emulator on my windows 10 home premium the bluestacks an my questiion is it runs with this emulator?Thanks my friend

  6. sir kindly guide me how can i install android setup in ACER W510 tablet, its window 8.1 in it but i want to install android in it, i tried this one in which u tell us but its not installing , kindly help me

  7. What version of Android studio you used for this, I downloaded and installed Android studio -ide-183.5692245 windows and I get a total different screen to begin and there is Run but no app..

  8. The "run app" option on the "run tab" is absent. How to resolve it? I did try to install and un-install and reinstall android studio but still the same.

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