How To Display Your iPhone On A Desktop PC Computer (Without Jailbreak)

Today im going to show you how you can display your iPhone screen or iPad on to your desktop computer. so the
first thing you do is just plug in the 30-pin connector into your iPhone and
the USB into your computer. Then your just gonna
download a program called iTools I’ll put a link in the
description, its a free program um and it’s pretty small and it works really
good actually. it will work on even iPhone 5’s right
now iOS7 so it’s probably best one out there
right now if your just going to do a free one so what you can do is once you load it
all up you’ll see a screen that looks like this. You’ll want
to go down to desktop and now that will show you kind of like a
screenshot of all the apps you have but if you wanna see a live version
you can go up to live desktop and this will actually show you, kind of
everything that’s being displayed on your phone so if you go to your phone
you unlock it there’s a bit of a lag but for the
most part it works pretty good so you can go to different app pages or I can go to Google here and it kinda records it you can do
even in the program you can actually do a
video record or take snapshots so that’s it then again it’s iTools by
ThinkSky and I will put a link for it in the description

89 thoughts on “How To Display Your iPhone On A Desktop PC Computer (Without Jailbreak)

  1. after down loaded i plug it in but the  page is totally differnt and i can't get to desktop to record

  2. Nice tool,but when i want to record a game it's to slow and buggy , so not working good for that function.
    Had the same problem on the mac too .
    I'm looking for a solution to record a good quality video of a game on my iphone.

  3. DO NOT DOWNLOAD iTOOLS PROGRAM.  I downloaded this yesterday from CNet and our network administrator has been restoring my PC ever since.  The entire program is INFESTED with malware advertising that literally makes Firefox and Chrome UNUSABLE.  DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS PROGRAM.

  4. it worked for me but i couldnt use the messaging app on my phone which i originally downloaded this app for. thanks though

  5. Why does it say that i need to install itunes why my itunes is already installed please help

  6. Keeps saying I need to update my itunes, I literally just downloaded it before running itools though… any ideas?

  7. I had a little too much fun this weekend and down went the iphone and the lcd screen. I can not unlock it because its all jacked up. If i use this program will i be able to unlock my phone to get the notes I need- but of course elected to not backup on icloud-?

  8. Can I control my iPod Touch 5 using the computer? My touch screen doesn't work and I need to access some music which I have downloaded with Linktunes, and I can't sync those song. I need to re download em on my iPhone

  9. Wow I thought i had to buy a game capture card for iphone But NO, so thanks for showing us how to do that thing

  10. Thanks so much for this! After paying for a book via iBooks and then finding I couldn't transfer it to my laptop I was quite peed off. I tried a whole bunch of utilities and DRM software but to no avail. The only Apple device I own is my small screen iPhone 4 and there was no way I could read the book on that little screen. iTools works perfectly!

  11. Hey guys, this one doesn't work. I found a working one though, just google "itools english" and use the first result (which should be a blogspot site) and they have an English version in there.

  12. its saying that my iTunes is out of date! And when i click the link to get the "latest" version it brings me to a fake iTunes. what do i do?

  13. i have a question if anybody could solve
    my iphone screen isn't to working at all.
    all i see are vertical black and white stripes so i cant see anything on the screen.
    i tried to back it up and it surprisingly works
    the screen is malfunction but the data in the phone is not corrupted

     but there something i need to do which is to unlock the screen
     and get to a certain game app and retrieve a transfer game code all visibly
    so i need a program they'll let me rely on the mouse to do all the clicking and opening

    is there any program that will let me do that? including itools

  14. What about if you cannot see the screen on your iPhone because it's broken, but you just want to see if your iPhone works?

  15. V I R U S E S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AVOID AND REPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. ill coment if it works cuz my iphone 4 i found in the trash had lines in the screen but u can unlock and it works cuz somehow i use flash and camera with flash

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